KI Donatum

A core facility at Karolinska Institutet, KI Donatum, was established in 2005, and offers postmortem material to researchers. Swedish regulations regarding the use of material from deceased subjects are very strict, and certain conditions must be fulfilled. For donation for transplantation, collection and handling of tissues have been organized at different sites in Sweden. According to Swedish law all citizens may also indicate their wish to donate tissue after their death for research purposes. KI Donatum was formed to meet these needs and helps research leaders to find suitable postmortem tissues from well characterized donors for various analyses. KI Donatum offers support in writing applications for ethical approval, and may give suggestions about study design. Further, KI Donatum provides the practical service regarding continuous surveillance of donors, control of inclusion criteria, and accurate collection and processing of tissue samples according to the needs of each research project. The prospective strategy implies that extensive and project specific medical information and pertinent background data regarding each donor can be provided.

Contact: Henrik Druid.