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Research team Barbro Linderholm

Markers of therapy response and outcome in breast cancer

The research aims to identify recurrent molecular alterations identified by e.g. miRNA and proteome expression screenings in large groups of breast cancer which significantly influence the response to available oncological therapies and which may be applied to improve therapy decision making for the individual patient.


Barbro Linderholm
Cancer Center Karolinska, Karolinska University Hospital-Solna R8:04, SE-171 76 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46-8 5177 3616

List of publications Linderholm

Team members

Barbro Linderholm, MD, Associate professor, Team leader, Associated (Employment: Senior consultant in oncology, Sahlgrenska Gothenburg)

Previous team members

Lin-Kiat Andrew Lee, PhD, Postdoc
Betzabe Chavez Sanchez, PhD 2011


The present research is generously supported by grants from:

  • The Swedish Breast Cancer Association (BRO)
  • Percy Falk Foundation
  • Stockholm county council