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Postgraduate education in Medical Radiation Physics

Most postgraduate students in i medical radiation physics are registered at Stockholm University and follow the study plan of Stockholm University.

The postgraduate programme corresponds to four years of fulltime studies for a doctor's degree or two years of fulltime studies for a licentiate degree. Most of the time is dedicated to active partcipation in a research project. The student chooses a supervisor, and they choose a research project together. Participation in courses and other educational activities are also part of the programme - the requirements are 75 ECTS for a doctoral degree and 45 ECTS for a licentiate degree.

Research courses in medical radiation physics

Postgraduate courses at Stockholm University

The following courses are given with 2-3 year intervals.

Post graduate courses are generally given in English.

  • Interaction of ionizing radiation with matter. (12p)
  • Radiation dosimetry. (8p)

Other courses will be given in response to generally expressed wishes from the students. Previously courses have been given on the following subjects: radiobiology, detectors in medical physics, radiation therapy planning, and physical principles underlying relativistic quantum mechanics.

For more information please contact:

Iuliana Dasu


Medical Radiation Physics
P.O. Box 260
SE-171 76 Stockholm