Monica Nistér's Group

Cellular and molecular tumor pathology

Professor Monica Nistér


The group led by Monica Nistér focuses on brain tumor research, especially the involvement of growth factor signaling in tumor development, mechanisms of tumor cell heterogeneity and the functional significance of cancer stem cells. The experimental studies are to a large part performed in vivo with cells in their proper context, using animal models of brain tumors. The group studies human brain tumors, both in adults and children.

Jian Zhao


The research aims to understand molecular mechanisms and cellular functions of mitochondrial dynamics, and its roles in tumor biology. Mitochondria are dynamic organelles that frequently change their shape by shifting the balance of fusion and fission events (collectively termed mitochondrial dynamics) in response to various physiological challenges. We focus on identification and characterization novel proteins involved in these processes and provide further options to experimentally steer the processes, which may be essential, for example in human cancer, neurodegeneration and other diseases.