Katja Pokrovskaja Tamm Group

Novel targeted therapies in cancer to overcome drug resistance

Research teams


The aim of our research is to find novel therapeutic approaches to overcome primary and secondary resistance to anti-cancer therapy. In one of the projects, we are studying the mechanisms of STAT3 involvement in therapy resistance and develop STAT3-targeting compounds.  Second project aims at understanding of the role of autophagy in drug resistance and at targeting autophagy protein Vps34 using novel compound developed by Sprint Bioscience. In collaboration with Mats Heyman at BKH, we support a large sample collection of live-frozen cells purified from bone marrow and peripheral blood of pediatric patients with acute leukemia. Our goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying development of ALL, the nature of relapse of the disease and to identify novel biomarkers and novel targets for therapy, in collaboration with Martin Enge, Bioclinicum and Rozbeh Jafari, Mattias Vesterlund, Janne Lehtiö, SciLifeLab Solna.


Our research aims to reverse-engineer mechanisms of tumorigenesis and tumor cell survival by using novel single-cell genomics methods to study cells from patients. Ongoing projects focus on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Pancreatic cancer.