Johan Hansson's Group

The focus of this team is to perform clinical trials of novel drugs in melanoma and to collect biobank material and clinical effectiveness data as the basis for translational and outcomes research.

The team serves as the link between the clinical Department of Oncology at the Karolinska University Hospital and researches in laboratory group as well as other collaborating groups at Karolinska Institutet and other sites.

The team is organizing and performing clinical trials of novel drug, including phase I, II and III trials in melanoma patients, and systematically collecting clinical data on tumor response and toxicities. A database is built which aims to include all patients treated at the Department of Oncology, representing the whole population of the Stockholm region with 2.1 million inhabitants. These data are used for Outcomes Research on the real life effects of novel treatments. The clinical data will be linked to other data such as registry data on health care utilization and drug prescription to obtain a more comprehensive view of outcome.

In parallel extensive biobanking of patient samples – including tumor biopsies and blood samples is performed. These samples are mainly used for molecular and cellular studies on candidate predictive markers of response to therapy and long term benefit of treatments. These studies are performed in collaboration with our own laboratory group as well as other research groups, manly at KI and SciLife laboratories.


Group members

Johan Hansson, professor emeritus, group leader
Karin Kjulin, research coordinator
Suzanne Egyházi Brage, researcher
Veronica Höiom, researcher
Hanna Eriksson, MD, PhD
Hildur Helgadottir, MD, PhD
Johan Falkenius, MD, PhD
Muyi Yang, PhD student
Ishani Das, PhD, affiliated
Fernanda Costa Svedman, MD, PhD student
Diana Lindén, Research nurse