Fluorescence Microscope

There are two fluorescense microscopes for common use at CCK. Both these microscopes will be replaced during 2017. An Axio Imager M2 will be installed in June and an inverted microscope will be installed in the end of the year.

Location: CCK, floor 3 room 038

Zeiss, Model: Axioskop 2

Location: CCK, floor 3, room 038

Model: Axioplan 2 imaging. Equipped with CCD camera and AxioVision Rel. 4.7 software

The computer at the side has the same software that allows picture processing, like, f. ex., deconvolution.

Contact person:


Monika Ehnman

Organizational unit: Research Group Östman, Arne
E-mail: Monika.Ehnman@ki.se

The KI Core Visualization Facility at MTC (KIVIF)
CMB Microscope Core Facility