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Flow Cytometers

Location: CCK, floor 00 room 012

Contact person:

Juan Castro
Mobile:0736 251 742

The FACS facility has two FACSCalibur and one LSR-II. The facility is free of charge for the members of the Department and affiliated personnel.

- In order to use the FACS facility, a driving license is required. To obtain it, you need to attend a course (see Departments Calendar for the actual schedule) which consists of a Web-based course and both theoretical and practical training, followed by an examination. To apply for the course, contact responsible person, Juan Castro.

- Analysis software FACS Diva and FlowJo are available in a room adjacent to the FACS facility room. FlowJo is also available at the Scanner computer at the 3d floor.

- For booking FACS facility an on-line booking system is available. For all details about it, contact Juan Castro.

Vladimir is contact person in case Juan Castro is not present:

Vladimir Bykov
Work: 08-517 70870