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Doctoral theses at OnkPat


8. Rong Yu
Molecular mechanisms of human mitochondrial dynamics: Inspiration and Challenge
June 5, 2019
Abstract and thesis

7. Johan Karlsson Törlén
From risk indices to reconstitution of immunity: Studies of outcome-related factors in patients undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
May 24, 2019
Abstract and thesis

6. Ellin Kristina Hillert
Mechanistic studies of a novel inhibitor of the ubiquitin-proteasome system
May 24, 2019
Abstract and thesis

5. Anna Kristiansen
Genetic and morphological studies of tumor heterogeneity, multifocality and outcome in locally advanced prostate cancer
May 3, 2019
Abstract and thesis

4. Aravindh Subramani
Feeling the force: role of AmotL2 in normal development and cancer
April 12, 2019
Abstract and thesis

3. Kristina Witt
Cripto-1: potential target for cancer immunotherapy?!
March 15, 2019
Abstract and thesis

2. Anna Kullberg
Person-centered shift handovers in oncological inpatient care
February 22, 2019
Abstract and thesis

1. Arian Lundberg
Transcriptional gene signatures: passing the restriction point for routine clinical implementation
January 25, 2019
Abstract and thesis


23. Carl-Henrik Shah
Challenges in the management of urothelial cancer: novel treatment, evaluation of biomarkers, and imaging techniques
December 19, 2018
Abstract and thesis

22. Linda Pudelko
Fishing for cures: the zebrafish as a powerful tool to identify novel therapies against glioblastoma by targeting MTH1 and beyond
December 19, 2018
Abstract and thesis

21. Gopalakrishnan Dhanabalan
Impact of alcohol and drug abuse on hippocampal neurogenesis in humans
December 14, 2018
Abstract and thesis

20. Margarita Bartish
War and peace in the tumor microenvironment: tumor-associated cells as facilitators or adversaries during tumor development
December 14, 2018
Abstract and thesis

19. Linnea Haeggblom
Human papillomavirus and other molecular markers in cancer of different oropharyngeal sub-sites
December 7, 2018
Abstract and thesis

18. Gabriella Alexandersson von Döbeln
Multimodality treatment of oesophageal cancer: effects and side effects
November 23, 2018
Abstract and thesis

17. Tatjana Wallmann
Tumor-Associated Macrophages and Microglia: Double-edged sword in tumor evolvement and invasion
October 26, 2018
Abstract and thesis

16. Shuo Liang
Towards transcriptome-wide studies of mRNA translation in tissues from cancer patients
September 21, 2018
Abstract and thesis

15. Matheus Dyczynski
The role of autophagy in anticancer therapy
September 14, 2018
Abstract and thesis

14. Yuanjun Ma
A study of two major challenges in prostate cancer: effective chemo-prevention and overcoming resistance to hormonal and chemotherapy
August 28, 2018
Abstract and thesis

13. Meiqiongzi Zhang
Making sense from nonsense and missense: pharmacological rescue of mutant tumor suppressor p53
June 20, 2018
Abstract and thesis

12. Qiang Zhang
Understanding p53 structure and targeting mutant p53 for improved cancer therapy
June 15, 2018
Abstract and thesis

11. Caitrin Crudden
Biased signalling at the IGF-1R: pitfalls and potential of the GRK/beta-arrestin system in cancer therapeutics
June 15, 2018
Abstract and thesis

10. Yafeng Zhu
Mass spectrometry based proteomics: data analysis and applications
May 25, 2018
Abstract and thesis

9. Majken Wallerius
Exploring mechanisms regulating the heterogeneity of Tumor-Associated Macrophages
May 25, 2018
Abstract and thesis

8. Lars Sivars
Human papillomavirus and other biomarkers in neck masses of unknown origin and in head and neck cancer
May 9, 2018
Abstract and thesis 

7. Johan Falkenius
Discovery and validation of prognostic markers for cutaneous melanoma
May 4, 2018
Abstract and thesis

6. Christos Coucoravas
WRAP53β and scaRNA2 on their journey to repair the DNA
April 13, 2018
Abstract and thesis

5. Veronika Kremer
Fatal Attraction: NK cell migration toward and activity in solid tumors
April 6, 2018
Abstract och ramberättelse

4. Nicholas Valerie
Roles of NUDT5 and NUDT15 beyond oxidized nucleotide sanitation and their potential as therapeutic targets
April 6, 2018
Abstract and thesis

3. Alexandra Hofsjö
Vaginal morphological changes in cervical cancer survivors
February 23, 2018
Abstract and thesis

2. Claudette Falato
Prognostic factors in breast cancer with a focus on the role of tumour proliferation
February 16, 2018
Abstract and thesis

1. Roger Kae-Jia Chang
MicroRNAs and their processing factors in Caenorhabditis elegans and human cancers
January 26, 2018
Abstract and thesis


15. Linda Vidarsdóttir
Functional analysis of long non-coding RNAs in cancer
December 15, 2017
Abstract and thesis

14. Magnus Frödin-Bolling
Tumor microenvironment derived biomarkers in renal cell cancer
December 8, 2017
Abstract and thesis

13. Camilla Wendt
Genetic studies in familial non-BRCA breast cancer
December 1, 2017
Abstract and thesis

12. Elena Panizza
Characterizing cancer cell signaling at the protein level: from targeted to proteome and phosphoproteome-wide analyses
October 6, 2017
Abstract and thesis

11. Ahmed Waraky
Insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor, novel functions and future possibilities
22 september 2017
Abstract and thesis

10. Gustav Stålhammar
Validation of biomarkers and digital image analysis in breast pathology
15 september 2017
Abstract and thesis

9. Arwen Stikvoort
The challenge of co-existence: from graft-versus-host disease to stable mixed chimerism after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
September 1, 2017
Abstract and thesis

8. Naida Suleymanova
Beta-arrestins in cancer: linking pro-tumorigenic extracellular activated signaling with the tumor suppressor p53 pathway
August 25, 2017
Abstract and thesis

7. Sara Corvigno
Tumour microenvironment in serous ovarian cancer
June 21, 2017
Abstract and thesis

6. Karthik Govindasamy Muralidharan
Biological and therapeutic aspects of breast cancer progression
June 16, 2017
Abstract and thesis

5. Xianli Shen
Studies on microglia in tumor biology and neurobiology
June 16, 2017
Abstract and thesis

4. Magdalena Mazurkiewicz
Inhibition of 19S proteasome deubiquitinases as a promising strategy in cancer therapy
May 26, 2017
Abstract and thesis

3. Chao Sun
Studies of b-AP15 : a novel inhibitor of proteasome deubiquitinase activity
April 28, 2017
Abstract and thesis

2. Anna Lindahl
Exploring disease biomarkers and mechanisms using metabolomics
April 4, 2017
Abstract and thesis

1. Omid Fotouhi
Molecular aspects of tumor development and treatment for small intestinal neuroendocrine tumors
January 31, 2017
Abstract and thesis


17. Amanda Seipel
Ductal adenocarcinoma of the prostate: a morphological, immunohistochemical and genetic study
December 9, 2016
Abstract and thesis

16. Limin Ma
Activity and mechanism of action of histone deacetylase inhibitors in synovial sarcoma
October 26, 2016
Abstract and thesis

15. Artur Mezheyeuski
Stroma and vessel characteristics in cancer: impact on prognosis and response to treatment
October 14, 2016
Abstract and thesis

14. Kristin Karlsson
Stereotactic body radiation therapy of lung tumours: clinical and dosimetric aspects
September 28, 2016
Abstract and thesis

13. Alireza Azimi
Unravelling molecular mechanisms underlying therapy resistance in cutaneous melanoma
September 28, 2016
Abstract and thesis

12. Iryna Kolosenko
Therapeutic response in human cancers: the dual role of STAT signalling
September 2, 2016
Abstract and thesis

11. Elin Sjöberg
Studies on the roles of stromal CXCL14 in tumor growth, progression and metastasis formation
June 17, 2016
Abstract and thesis

10. Nathalie Hou Grün
Human papillomavirus infection in healthy youth and in hypopharyngeal cancer
June 3, 2016
Abstract and thesis

9. Ghazal Efazat
Ephrin and Eph-receptor growth factor signaling in non small cell lung cancer: identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets
May 27, 2016
Abstract and thesis

8. Khairul Majumder
Radiotherapy in prostate cancer: information, quality of life and prostate volume
May 27, 2016
Abstract and thesis

7. Hanif Rassoolzadeh
Unwrapping the role of WRAP53β in DNA damage response
May 20, 2016
Abstract and thesis

6. Harsha Madapura Sekharappa
Regulatory mechanisms contributing to the homeostasis of normal and malignant hematopoietic cells
May 11, 2016
Abstract and thesis

5. Paola Pellegrini
Tumor acidosis in malignant progression and therapy
April 28, 2016
Abstract and thesis

4. Johanna Rodhe
Studies on caspase signaling in microglia
April 8, 2016
Abstract and thesis

3. Lisa Villabona
HLA-A*02 and its prognostic traits in cancer: an immunological biomarker and a tool towards individualised cancer therapy
February 5, 2016
Abstract and thesis

2. Adam Stenman
Genetic and molecular background of pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma
January 22, 2016
Abstract and thesis

1. Nikolaos Tertipis
Hunting the end of the rainbow: Prognostic biomarkers and human papillomavirus in tonsillar and base of tongue cancer
January 15, 2016
Abstract and thesis


Dissertations from 2003-2015