Doctoral theses at OnkPat


6. Martin Harper Hysek
Telomerase related studies in thyroid cancer
May 12, 2023
Abstract and thesis

5. Meis Omran
Heritable TP53-related cancer syndrome in Sweden: Characterisation of genotype-phenotype correlation and surveillance
May 5, 2023
Abstract and thesis

4. Anna Embring
Radiotherapy in advanced head and neck cancer
April 21, 2023
Abstract and thesis

3. Stefanie Marie Renken
Evaluating antitumoral lymphocytes for adoptive cell therapy: oxidative stress, neoantigen processing and co-stimulation
April 14, 2023
Abstract and thesis

2. Mireia Palomar Siles
Translational readthrough of nonsense mutant TP53, RB1 and PTEN tumor suppressor genes as a strategy for novel cancer therapy
March 31, 2023
Abstract and thesis

1. Masoud Karimi
Prognostic and predictive factors for colorectal cancer
February 10, 2023
Abstract and thesis


21. Ioannis Siavelis
Cancer proteogenomics: connecting genotype to molecular phenotype
December 16, 2022
Abstract and thesis

20. Oana-Sonia Cismas
When the bear lost its tail: targeting the GRK/β-arrestins downstream IGF1R in non-epithelial malignancies 
December 16, 2022
Abstract and thesis

19. Marie Hjälm-Eriksson
Long-term oncological outcome and health-related quality of life after curative treatment of prostate cancer with HDR-brachytherapy and external beam radiotherapy
November 18, 2022
Abstract and thesis

18. Esther Schoutrop
Defining the potential of mesothelin-directed CAR T cells for the treatment of ovarian cancer
October 21, 2022
Abstract and thesis

17. Johanna Vestlund
Beyond transcription: A post-transcriptional role of 3D chromatin crosstalk in oncogene regulation
October 3, 2022
Abstract and thesis

16. Mehdi Astaraki
Advanced machine learning methods for oncological image analysis
September 30, 2022
Abstract and thesis

15. Yifan Zhang
Morphologic and genetic features of sarcomas: improving diagnosis and exploring biomarkers
September 23, 2022
Abstract and thesis

14. Yaxuan Liu
Evaluation of genetic cancer predisposition and potential cancer genes
June 20, 2022
Abstract and thesis

13. Luisa Edman Kessler
Investigating the treatment of metastatic breast cancer: real-world evidence on treatment patterns, safety and efficacy
June 17, 2022
Abstract and thesis

12. Andreas Ährlund-Richter
Studies on human papillomavirus (HPV) and other markers in the development and prognosis of HPV associated cancer
June 14, 2022
Abstract and thesis

11. Claes Lindh
Morphological, immunohistochemical and genetic aspects of acinar and ductal adenocarcinoma of the prostate
May 31, 2022
Abstract and thesis

10. Alexandra Grahn
Current and possible future diagnostic methods for upper tract urothelial carcinoma
May 20, 2022
Abstract and thesis

9. Jiwei Gao
Dissecting the roles of viral T-antigens in Merkel cell carcinoma
May 6, 2022
Abstract and thesis

8. Camilla Malm
Upper tract urothelial carcinoma - diagnostics and prognostic factors
April 29, 2022
Abstract and thesis

7. Khang Luu
Immunoregulatory properties of CD137-CD137 ligand axis in tumours and chronic inflammatory conditions
April 4, 2022
Abstract and thesis

6. Emma Jussing
Development of radiometal-based labelling techniques and tracers for non-invasive molecular imaging
March 25, 2022
Abstract and thesis

5. Yi Chen
Genetic and molecular mechanisms of sarcomas
March 4, 2022
Abstract and thesis

4. Ilias Tzelepis
Regulation of MYC transcription in 3D: Implications for tumor development
February 25, 2022
Abstract and thesis

3. Dawei Song
Old receptors learn new tricks: biasing anti-IGF1R cancer therapy through the GPCR system
February 25, 2022
Abstract and thesis

2. Tom Mulder
Immune cells in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and Hodgkin lymphoma in relation to tumor burden and treatment
February 25, 2022
Abstract and thesis

1. Johannes Ristau
Untangling the contribution of untranslated regions to mRNA translation in health and disease
February 11, 2022
Abstract and thesis


29. Muyi Yang
Molecular biomarkers in melanoma susceptibility and therapy response
December 21, 2021
Abstract and thesis

28. Stella Karsten
The DNA repair enzymes MTH1 and OGG1 as targets to treat inflammation
December 17, 2021
Abstract and thesis

27. Ninni Mu
Diagnostic and prognostic markers in thyroid carcinoma with focus on TERT activation
December 16, 2021
Abstract and thesis

26. Fabio Socciarelli
At the intersection of proteomics and pathology: application of mass spectrometry-based protein quantification to histopathology and antibody validation
December 10, 2021
Abstract and thesis

25. Amineh Ghaderi
ROR1 − a druggable target: preclinical studies of ROR1 and combinatorial partners in malignancies
December 3, 2021
Abstract and thesis

24. Shi Yong Neo
Uniquely NK cells: The multifaceted roles of the natural killers
December 3, 2021
Abstract and thesis

23. Xia Hao
Novel in vitro methods aiming at improving fertility preservation
December 2, 2021
Abstract and thesis

22. Gry Johansen
Fertility-sparing surgery in young women with ovarian cancer and borderline ovarian tumors
November 12, 2021
Abstract and thesis

21. Bishoy Hanna
Modulating the activity of OGG1 using small molecules to target the oxidative DNA damage response in cancer and inflammation
October 26, 2021
Abstract and thesis

20. Taner Arslan
Deciphering the complexity of biological systems using machine learning applied to big data
October 22, 2021
Abstract and thesis

19. Lucy Bai
Long-term follow-up after risk-reducing mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction - from a patient, partner, and 3D perspective
October 1, 2021
Abstract and thesis

18. Yasmin Désirée Yu
Autophagy and VPS34 as targets in anti-cancer therapy
September 10, 2021
Abstract and thesis

17. Johan Paulsson
Genetic and molecular characterization of follicular thyroid tumors - diagnostic and prognostic aspects
September 10, 2021
Abstract and thesis

16. Hui Liu
Exploring mTOR-dependent regulation of mRNA translation in cancer
June 23, 2021
Abstract and thesis

15. Jemina Lehto
Finding synergies for cancer treatment: new ways to modulate DNA damage repair by CX3CR1 and PFKFB3 inhibition
June 23, 2021
Abstract and thesis

14. Anna Huguet Ninou
Emerging roles of PFKFB3 and CX3CR1 in the DNA damage response and their potential as therapeutic targets in cancer
June 23, 2021
Abstract and thesis

13. Nadilly Bonagas Villarreal
Exploring novel roles of metabolic enzymes MTHFD2 and PFKFB3 in cancer genome stability and their potential as anticancer therapeutic targets
June 4, 2021
Abstract and thesis

12. Daniela Swanberg
Assessment of prognostic factors of prostate cancer - Limitations and possibilities of morphology
May 31, 2021
Abstract and thesis

11. Marianna Tampere
Advancing antiviral strategies against emerging RNA viruses by phenotypic drug discovery
May 21, 2021
Abstract and thesis

10. Aleksandra Pettke
Cell and organoid models to develop new antivirals and diagnostic methods for emerging viruses
May 7, 2021
Abstract and thesis

9. Denis Nastic
Improving endometrial carcinoma diagnostics
April 27, 2021
Abstract and thesis

8. Christian Oertlin
Developing analytical tools to investigate the role of translation in homeostasis and disease
April 23, 2021
Abstract and thesis

7. Ziqing Chen
From natural to eximious: harnessing the power of natural killer cells against solid tumors
April 23, 2021
Abstract and thesis

6. Fernanda Costa Svedman
Molecular markers for prediction of response and progression free survival to novel therapies in cutaneous malignant melanoma
March 19, 2021
Abstract and thesis

5. Sophia Ceder
Mechanisms of cancer cell death by mutant p53-reactivating compound APR-246
March 5, 2021
Abstract and thesis

4. Anna Lewandowska Ronnegren
Crosstalk between environmental signals and 3d genome organization in the regulation of gene expression
February 12, 2021
Abstract and thesis

3. Angeliki Karambatsakidou
Radiation dose and related risk in interventional cardiology
January 29, 2021
Abstract and thesis

2. Anna Marklund
Assisted reproductive technologies for fertility preservation and fertility treatment in young women with cancer
January 22, 2021
Abstract and thesis

1. Fredrika Svahn
Tumors of the adrenal glands: genetic and diagnostic aspects
January 15, 2021
Abstract and thesis


22. Per Fürst
Low-dose methadone as add-on to ongoing opioid treatment in cancer-related pain
December 11, 2020
Abstract and thesis

21. Georgios Tsakonas
Biomarkers for CNS metastasis in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
December 11, 2020
Abstract and thesis

20. Anna Asklid
Real-world studies on B-cell malignancies
December 11, 2020
Abstract and thesis

19. Artur Omar
Radiation dose and x-ray beam modelling in diagnostic and interventional radiology using Monte Carlo methods
November 24, 2020
Abstract and thesis

18. Karin Holmsten
Improving chemotherapy in advanced urothelial cancer: Real-world data studies and prospective clinical trials
November 20, 2020
Abstract and thesis

17. Hao Shi
Regulation of cellular degradation pathways by viral oncoproteins and microRNAs
October 30, 2020
Abstract and thesis

16. Maria Wolodarski
Immunological alterations, therapies with immune check-point inhibitors and beyond in patients with metastatic melanoma
October 30, 2020
Abstract and thesis

15. Emarndeena Haji Cheteh
p53 and cancer-associated fibroblasts: implications for cancer therapy and drug resistance 
October 26, 2020
Abstract and thesis

14. Stephanie Robertson
Improving biomarker assessment in breast pathology
October 2, 2020
Abstract and thesis

13. Wen-Kuan Huang
microRNA and energy metabolism in gastrointestinal tumors
September 30, 2020
Abstract and thesis

12. Marie Koitsalu
Individualized prostate cancer testing - Men's views on participation
September 11, 2020
Abstract and thesis

11. Min Guo
Intratumoral heterogeneity in glioblastoma: subtype transition and cell-to-cell communication
August 28, 2020
Abstract and thesis

10. Yan Zhou Tran
Understanding the response to EGFR targeting therapy in non-small-cell lung cancer using -omics approach
August 14, 2020
Abstract and thesis

9. Elin Hardell
Prognosis based classification and tumor biology of uterine sarcomas
June 5, 2020
Abstract and thesis

8. Ishani Das
Hitting the right targets: A study of molecular mediators of sensitivity to novel potential targeted therapies in cutaneous malignant melanoma
May 25, 2020
Abstract and thesis

7. Maria Winqvist
Targeted therapy in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
May 20, 2020
Abstract and thesis

6. Ioannis Zerdes
Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and the PD-L1/PD-1 signaling axis in breast cancer: biology and clinical implications
April 24, 2020
Abstract and thesis

5. Andri Papakonstantinou
Studies of side effects related to adjuvant breast cancer regimens with focus on chemotherapy
April 17, 2020
Abstract and thesis

4. Alessandro Mega
Astrocytes in glioblastoma: enhancers of tumor growth, predictors of patient survival and potential therapeutic targets
March 13, 2020
Abstract and thesis

3. Salomon Tendler
Investigation of small-cell lung cancer epidemiology in Sweden and analysis of clinical and tumor specific prognostic biomarkers
March 6, 2020
Abstract and thesis

2. Julie Lorent
Coordination of gene expression programs
February 14, 2020
Abstract and thesis

1. Yuanyuan Zhang
Ready to pull: force transmission during vascular development
January 17, 2020
Abstract and thesis


14. Honglei Zhao
Regulation of chromatin transitions in the 3D architecture of the nucleus
December 18, 2019
Abstract and thesis

13. Jason Serviss
Long non-coding RNAs and cellular interactions: investigating underlying mechanisms of oncogenesis
November 27, 2019
Abstract and thesis

12. Mia Karlberg
Prognostic factors in colorectal cancer: studies of thymidylate synthase expression, mismatch repair protein expression, tumor budding and t-cell infiltration
October 25, 2019
Abstract and thesis

11. Satendra Kumar
Connecting viral oncoproteins to microRNA, autophagy and metabolism in Merkel cell carcinoma
August 30, 2019
Abstract and thesis

10. Lotta Walz
Consequences of inadequate use of glucose lowering drugs and associated risk factors
June 14, 2019
Abstract and thesis

9. Carl Söderberg
Evaluation of postmortem toxicological results
June 11, 2019
Abstract and thesis

8. Rong Yu
Molecular mechanisms of human mitochondrial dynamics: Inspiration and Challenge
June 5, 2019
Abstract and thesis

7. Johan Karlsson Törlén
From risk indices to reconstitution of immunity: Studies of outcome-related factors in patients undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
May 24, 2019
Abstract and thesis

6. Ellin Kristina Hillert
Mechanistic studies of a novel inhibitor of the ubiquitin-proteasome system
May 24, 2019
Abstract and thesis

5. Anna Kristiansen
Genetic and morphological studies of tumor heterogeneity, multifocality and outcome in locally advanced prostate cancer
May 3, 2019
Abstract and thesis

4. Aravindh Subramani
Feeling the force: role of AmotL2 in normal development and cancer
April 12, 2019
Abstract and thesis

3. Kristina Witt
Cripto-1: potential target for cancer immunotherapy?!
March 15, 2019
Abstract and thesis

2. Anna Kullberg
Person-centered shift handovers in oncological inpatient care
February 22, 2019
Abstract and thesis

1. Arian Lundberg
Transcriptional gene signatures: passing the restriction point for routine clinical implementation
January 25, 2019
Abstract and thesis


Dissertations from 2003-2018