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Bacteria Lab

There are two bacteria labs for common use at CCK

Location: Floor 04 room 053

- Bacteria shaker (Model: IKA KS 4000i control)
- Bacteria hood
- Centrifuge (Model: 5810R, Manufacturer: Eppendorf)

Location: Floor 01 room 051

- High speed centrifuge Avanti J-20
- Sterile hood
- Refrigerated centrifuge
- Heating oven

There are alsoTwo Ecotron Bacteria shakers on floor 03

Location: Floor 03 room 035

- Two Bacteria shakers (Infors AG, Model: Ecotron with adhesive matting)
- Centrifuges (Sorvall, Model: RC5B PLUS, Hettich, Model: Rotanta 460 RS)

- ATTENTION! No lab space for work with bacteria is available

Contact person:


Katja Pokrovskaja

Enhet: Forskargrupp Grandér / Pokrovskaja