Work groups at OnkPat

Department management group

The department management group meets once per month and have lunch meetings every other week. The group deals with both the strategic and the operative questions concerning the whole department. The group consists of Chair Professor Lars Holmgren, Head of Administration Maria von Witting, Vice Chair Ola Larsson, Assistant Chair Professor Catharina Larsson, Professor Janne Lehtiö, Professor Andreas Lundqvist, Associate Professor Theodoros Foukakis, Associate Professor Linda Lindström, PhD Nick Tobin, PhD Päivi Östling and PhD Luigi de Petris.

Department council

The Department council deals with general issues at the department. The Department council should be advisory and a forum for dialogue and backing of the decisions from the Head of department. The council should convene at least twice per semester and the Head of department is chairman. The council consists of Professors, group leaders, union representatives and representatives of all larger employee categories.

Local union collaboration

The Head of department is responsible for union collaboration within the department. The union collaboration group consists of four representatives of the employer (Deputy Head of Department, Head of administration, HR manager and the chairperson of the work environment group) and three representatives from the union organisations SACO, OFR and SEKO. In addition, two PhD student representatives, one safety officer, one representative from SciLifeLab and the coordinator for purchase and procurement are included.

Anne Jensen

Head of HR

Committee for equal treatment

The committee for equal treatment works with questions concerning discrimination and harassment. The committee consists of one equal treatment and opportunity representatives (HR manager) one principal researcher/GUA, one senior research specialist/director of doctoral education, one postdoc representative, one student representative and the doctoral education administrator/communications officer.  Convener for the committee is Anne Jensen.

Anne Jensen

Head of HR

Work enviroment group (WEG)

The task of the work environment group is to create a good working environment at the department and it carries out yearly safety inspections. It also deals with the yearly follow up on the systematic work environment management of the department. Paula Mannström is chairperson of the work environment group. Susanne Öhlin (J6:30 BioClinicum) and Gabriela Prochazka (J5:30 BioClinicum) are safety officers. Anna Malmerfelt is chemical safety representative, Paula Mannström is biosafety delegate and Ekaterina Pokrovskaja-Tamm is environment and sustainable development delegate. Other delegates are: Maria von Witting, head of administration, Josefin Bergström, HR-administrator, Stina Wickström, researcher, Mirco Marttino, Post doc, Adena Pepich SO J5:30 KBH, Afsar Rahbar SO J5:30 MedS.