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Webcast: New members of KI's Pedagogical Academy talks about student-centred learning

Karolinska Institutet´s (KI) Educational Congress on March 17, 2016 focuses on student centered learning. Prior to the congress, the five new members of KI's Pedagogical Academy, all at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS), were interviewed about their work and different aspects of a student centered learning.

The Pedagogical Academy (pedagogiska akademin) is a network which continuously contributes to educational development at KI. Two of the five new members, Eric Asaba and Sofia Vikström are from the Division for Occupational Therapy.

About the congress: We learn through, with and from each other; informally and formally; in real-life settings and online. Learning technology has developed fast and changed our patterns of interaction and how we learn. How can we, in Higher Education, optimise the available resources and what are the implications for us as educators?

March 17th 2016, 9:00-16:00

Aula Medica, Campus Solna

Read more about the congress here.

Check out the interviews!

Eric Asaba talks about ”The Contempory Classroom” (in English)

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Sofia Vikström, talks about ”Critical Reflection” (in English)

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Listen to other interviews about ”New curriculum – from idea to implementation” (in English), Students as catalysts in change processes” (in Swedish) and ” Teaching in geographically spread learning environments” (in Swedish).