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The 4th European Conference in Occupational Science 2017

The division of occupational therapy from Karolinska Institutet was represented by several faculty, doctoral students, and national/international collaborators at the 4th European Conference in Occupational Science in Hildesheim, Germany. The theme for this year was "Meeting in diversity - occupation as a common ground."

Presentations included:

  • a panel on work and return to work (Annika Öst Nilsson, Lisa Holmlund, Therese Hellman, and Eric Asaba; moderator: Allison Anne Banks),
  • a panel on health promotion/illness prevention through occupation (Aileen Bergström, Hans Jonsson, Mandana Fallahpour, Emmelie Barenfeld (Göteborgs Universitet), and Eric Asaba; moderator: Lilian Magalhaes),
  • a panel on teaching and learning occupational science in higher education (Hans Jonsson, Jeanette Reffstrup Christiansen, Hanne Kaae Kristiansen, and Sissel Horghagen)
  • a presentation on mental health and occupation (Nina Petersen Reed, Staffan Josephsson, and Sissel Alsaker)
  • a presentation on the power of doing (Ton Satnik, Staffan Josephsson, Jana Zajec, Edith Cup, Bert De Swart, Maria Nijhuis-Van der Sanden).

In addition we partook in the pre-conference think tank, engaging in stimulating discussions in 3 of the 9 pre-congress groups (Clarifying and defining occupational science, Enabling students and practitioners, and addressing key social issues around unemployment/underemployment). It was a fantastic conference with a lot of exciting discussions!