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Support NVS’ activities

When you support NVS’ research or education, it is a way of contributing to help improve people’s health with the aim of more people being able to live both longer, and healthier, lives.

There are several ways to support both research and education at NVS, for example by donating money via the web using your payment card, via bank giro, as a memorial gift or as a bequest.

You choose where you want the money to go; a specific project or subject area, a researcher or an education programme. You can also volunteer to be a research subject in an ongoing study at the department.

How to make a specific donation

KI has an online form that you use if you want to make a gift/donation using your payment card. At the bottom of the form is a field for “information to the administrator”. Here you fill in what project/researcher/education programme or subject area at NVS you want to support.
You will find the form on this page.


If you would like to know more about current education programmes and research projects at NVS and when donations can be made, you are most welcome to contact NVS’ management team at
You can also find more information about how you can support NVS on the page Many ways to give.

Participate as a research subject

Would you like to take part in a study as a research subject? On this page we publish advertisements and more information about our current research projects that are looking for people to take part in studies.