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Scientific activities

Scientific activities of the section are often performed in multi-disciplinary groups and in collaboration with different research networks within the Karolinska Institutet, as well as nationally and internationally.

The division coordinates the national Researchers´ network Social work in Health Care. Members are listed in the Swedish pages under "forskarnätverkets medlemmar". We also take part in the International virtual network Social work in Health and Mental Health, arranging conferences every third year.

Research Constellation

Associate professor Mariann Olsson and professor Kerstin Fugl-Meyer convene the multidisciplinary Research Constellation "Social and psychosocial aspects in health care". This group performs health care research grounded in social systems theory as well as in psychological theory. The group produces knowledge easily transferred to utilization in Health Care and search for factors enhancing health and well-being rather than explaining diseases. Especially strong regarding

a) well-being of patients and relatives in different life domains e.g. work life, family life and social network; use of the checklist LiSat1 1

b) the individual (children and adults) in the care network e.g. Frequent emergency department users; Patient participation and patient-centeredness.

c) social work methods / evaluation research e.g. differentiated social support; support groups for bereaved young adults.

The group is outstanding and our vision is that social aspects are integrated in all health care research and teaching.

Members of the Research Constellation are:

Professor Kerstin Sjögren Fugl-Meyer, associate professors Mariann Olsson, Gunnar Öhlén, PhDs Kjerstin Larsson, Aina Johnsson, Ann-Sofie Åsander, Susanne Bergenbrant, Anna-Lena Birkeland, Marie Nilsson, Maria Flink, LicMSc Liisa Hammar and doctoral students.


Recent years, several doctoral theses have been defended by social workers affiliated to the divition.

Linda Gyllström Krekulas "Shining a Light on Organ Donation after Death – on various aspects influencing organ donation" 2015-08-31

Lena Anmyr "Life circumstances of children and adolescents after cochlear implantation" 2014-04-07

Maria Flink "Patients' position in care transitions: an analysis of patient participation and patient-centeredness" 2014-01-31

Marie Nilsson "Psychosocial situation and work after breast cancer surgery - women's experiences" 2013-02-22

Berit Björkman "Amputees' experience and descriptions of phantom phenomena : a qualitative study" 2012-06-08

Liisa Hammar "Från tonårstjej till ung kvinna: En studie om skapande av mening med icke accepterat tjejbeteende under tonårstiden" 2010-05-21

Ann-Sofie Åsander "HIV-infected African parents living in Stockholm, Sweden : Social networks, disclosure, parenthood, and knowledge about HIV-transmission" 2010-02-11

Aina Johnsson "The rehabilitation process after breast cancer diagnosis : Factors of importance for return to work" 2008-11-14

Lisa Sand "Existential challenges and coping in palliative cancer care : Experiences of patients and family members" 2008-09-15