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Scandinavian seminar series in narrative methods

During the past decade, qualitative methods that have been traditionally used within allied health sciences have been met with some criticism. Specifically these methodological traditions have been criticized for not being sufficiently sensitive to capturing processes and dynamics pertaining to human experiences and interactions. Narrative methods have been brought forth as a method and tradition with potential to capture these aspects and offer a complementary perspective.

The narrative methods seminar is a meeting place for researchers in Scandinavia from an interdisciplinary professional and academic background. The aim is to develop narrative methods to explore processes and dynamics involved in human interactions. Epistemologically the seminar is rooted in a tradition traced among others to Paul Ricoeur and Jerome Bruner, as well as to Cheryl Mattingly, Donald Polkinghorne, and Mary Lawlor.

The seminar series builds upon both theoretical reflections with practical applications and continued methods development. Discussions are grounded in ongoing projects held and supervised within the group.

The seminar commenced fall 2005 and meets once per semester.

Project Leader

Staffan Josephsson, PhD, KI, together with Eric Asaba, PhD, KI/Japan, and Ann-Britt Ivarsson, PhD, Örebro University


Sissel Alsaker, PhD Student, NTNU Trondheim; Karen la Cour, PhD Student, KI/Southern Denmark University; Maria Yalmaz, PhD Student, Örebro University; Gunilla Isaksson, PhD Student, Luleå Technical University; Lisa Skär, PhD, Luleå Tekniska University; Birgit Heuchemer, MSc, KI; Kerstin Thornberg, MSc, KI; Henrik Erntsson, PhD Student, Stockholm University; Hans Jonsson, PhD, Docent, KI.

Related Publications

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