Review criteria, review process and decision - Research school in health science

Decisions on allocation are made on the basis of the ranked quality of the applicants.

Information about the call for partial financing of doctoral education at Karolinska Institute within the Research School for Health Science


Applications are assessed by senior researchers (at least associate professor) outside Karolinska Institute. The applications are assessed in competition with all other applications, based on the established review criteria:

  1. The relevance for the research school in health science (yes/no)
  2. Suitability as doctoral education project (1-5p)
  3. Quality of supervision and doctoral students´learning (1-5p)
  4. Scientific quality (1-5p)
  5. Project feasibility (1-5p)

5 p = outstanding
4 p = excellent
3 p = very good
2 p = good
1 p = insufficient

To be included in the final ranking process (from 1 -14) the project has to be considered relevant for the research area of health science by at least 2 of 4 reviewers. Furthermore an average value of 3 for all criteria is required.   

Decision on allocation of FiH funding for 2020 call

After review by external assessors and on proposal from FiH´s steering group, the Committee for Doctoral Education at Karolinska Institute decided on 25th February 2021 that the fourteen highest ranked projects should receive funding. It was also decided that the three projects ranked next should be reserves, in the order of their ranking.

A detailed overview of the award decision is available on FiH’s webpage in Swedish.


Kay Sundberg

Research school director FiH