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Ongoing at the Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences

Date Time Place Activity
Jan 22 09:00 Samuelssonsalen, Solna Doctoral Thesis Defence Lisa Smeds Alenius
Feb 4 09:00-11:00 Flemingsberg Meeting Steering Group
Feb 8 09:00 Skandiasalen, Karolinska Doctoral Thesis Defence Elin Lööf
Feb 20 09:30 Inghesalen, Solna Half-time seminar Malin Henriksson
Feb 21 10:00 H2, Flemingsberg Doctoral Thesis Defence Anna Anåker
March 8 10:00 H2, Flemingsberg Doctoral Thesis Defence Mia Forslin
March 15 09:30 Erna Möllerslen, Blickagången 16 Doctoral Thesis Defence Lisa Holmlund
April 5 09:00 H2, Flemingsberg Doctoral Thesis Defence Annika Öst Nilsson
April 10-11 12:00 Skepparholmen Nacka Doctoral Student and Supervisor Days 2019
April 11 13:00-15:00 Skepparholmen Nacka Meeting Steering Group
May 3 Doctoral Thesis Defence Henrik Pettersson
May 17 Deadline submission abstracts AHCS Conference 2019
May 29 Doctoral Thesis Defence Martha Gustavsson
June 12-14 Riga, Latvia Summer School for PhD students organised by Baltic Sea Network for Personalised Care
June 17 13:00-15:00 Solna Meeting Steering Group
Oct 8 Deadline conference registration AHCS Conference 2019
Oct 31 Deadline submission to Best Poster Competition AHCS Conference 2019
Nov 7 Deadline submission of digital poster AHCS Conference 2019
Nov 13-14 Advances in Health Care Sciences Conference 2019