Knowing technology’s requirements and designing/adapting technologies for users with cognitive impairments.

The purpose of the research in this theme is to develop new knowledge of the characteristics of technologies and how they meet the capacities and desires of users across samples with cognitive impairment, and of how to implement this knowledge in improvements, e.g. design and adaptation of technologies to better fit these users. A more detailed understanding of these features will be useful when technology is to be designed, customized and introduced to users with cognitive impairment.

This project also includes the development of an easy-to-use video-telephone for people with dementia, and of KIREUM; KI Rapid Ease of Use Mapping of technology. Otherwise, most studies in this subproject emanate from our database holding data on the ability to use everyday technology in people with and without cognitive impairment.


Louise Nygård together with Camilla Malinowsky and Anders Kottorp 


Mandana Fallahpour, Ann-Helen Patomella, Brittmari Uppgard, Eva Lindqvist, Stefan Lundberg (KTH), Maria Larsson- Lund (Luleå)


Swedish Research Council (VR), Swedish Brainpower (SBP), Strategiska Forskningsområdet Vård (SFO-V), American Alzheimer Association, Stockholm County Council (ALF), Promobilia, FORTE.

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