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To study degeneration of nerve cells in the central nervous system, use various disease models to identify new treatment strategies, develop stem cell based therapies for repair of injuries and insults of nervous tissue, study inflammatory mechanisms in disorders and injuries in the brain and spinal cord. These are the basis of the research and postgraduate education at our division.

Postgraduate education at the Division of Neurodegeneration

Postgraduate education at the division aims to provide the students with theoretical and practical knowledge, that will enable conduction of research in the neuroscience field, particularly with regard to neurodegeneration. The education is largely based on the student's personal research project, which is complemented with courses and clearly specified knowledge requirements. It normally requires a total of four years' full-time postgraduate education to acquire a PhD degree. The education follows the rules for postgraduate education at Karolinska Institutet and the rules and general study plan for postgraduate studies in medical science can be found under the link below.

Information postgraduate education at KI.

In addition, PhD students in the division are required to:

- take the course Neurodegenerative Disorders: From Molecule to Treatment (#2629) given within the postgraduate education programme in Neurosciences. See this link to course catalogue.

Postgraduate Training in the Neurosciencs

- pass an exam on basic knowledge in neuroscience, based on the book Principles of Neuroscience (Eds. ER Kandel, JH Schwartz & TM Jessell, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill).

Applications for admittance to postgraduate studies at the division are evaluated by the admittance committee (i.e. members of the Committee for postgraduate education, FoUK) at the department (NVS). Information regarding dates for applications at NVS can be found in the link below.

Course given at the Division:

Doctoral course

Neurodegenerative Disorders: From Molecule to Treatment, #2629. To provide insight into clinical symptoms and understanding of cellular and molecular mechanisms of the most common neurodegenerative disorders.

Research School

Clinical Research School in Molecular Medicine.
This is a postgraduate program maintained through the joint support from Karolinska Institutet and the Stockholm County Council (SLL). The aim is to provide research-interested clinicians with an adequate postgraduate training, designed to meet the needs of increased and improved translational research. Only clinicians employed by the Stockholm County Council (SLL) is eligible for the Research School.

For more see this page in Swedish.

Advanced course in dementia diseases for Chinese clinicians and scientists

Center for Alzheimer Research is organizing an advanced course in dementia diseases for Chinese clinicians and scientists, in collaboration with the China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care (CPAM). The course involves Karolinska Institutet and the Geriatric clinic at the Karolinska University Hospital, and also other geriatric clinics in Stockholm.

See more information here

Course leader

Erik Sundström Clinical Research School in Molecular Medicine, Advanced course in dementia diseases for Chinese clinicians and scientists
Maria Roos Administrator, course administrator
Zhu Jie Advanced course in dementia diseases for Chinese clinicians and scientists
Elisabet Åkesson Neurodegenerative Disorders: From Molecule to Treatment

We are located at Karolinska Institutet Campus South, Huddinge. Our research facility is in Novum Research Park, 5th floor. We belong to the research laboratories of the Geriatric University Clinic, Karolinska-Huddinge. Division of Neurorehabilitation also works under this section.

Postal address

Division of Neurodegeneration, Department of Neurobiologi, Care Sciences and Society, Karolinska Institutet, Geriatric Clinic Res Lab, Novum 5th floor, S-14186 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting Address

Division of Neurodegeneration, Geriatric Clinic Res Lab, Novum 5th floor, Hälsovägen 7, S-14157 Huddinge, Sweden

How to find us

The entrance to our facility is at the other end of the Novum main hall, next to lift G, left side if you enter from the hospital. Check the map of KI-South Campus to locate us if you arrive by train or the KI shuttle bus, or from the hospital public parking

Fax Number +46 8 585 854 70


Erik Sundström

Telefon: 08-585 838 87
Enhet: Sundström


Maria Roos

Telefon: 08-524 835 37
Enhet: Sektionen för neurogeriatrik