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Dissertations at the Division of Clinical Geriatrics


Örjan Skogar

On the effects of Tactile Touch in Parkinson´s Disease patients

Birgitta Ausén

"I don´t recognize myself", personality characteristics in subjective cognitive impairment and mild cognitive impairment


Raffaella Crinelli

When I show the Beatles then you say: "Ramones!": imaging semantic memory in Alzheimer´s disease and semantic dementia

Olof Lindberg

The aging frontal lobe in health and disease. A structural magnetic resonance imaging study


Ahmad Delbari

Epidemiological and recovery facilitating studies of an urban population of stroke patients in Iran


Westman Eric

Magnetic resonance studies in Alzheimer's Disease (2009-10-16)


Freund-Levi Yvonne

Omega-3 fatty acid treatment in mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease: results from the OmegAD study (2008-06-13)

Östberg Per

Lexical and articulatory aspects of speech production in cognitive decline (2008-05-16)


Famer Daniel

Implications of cholesterol and cholesterol-lowering therapy in Alzheimer´s disease (2007-08-27)

Andersson Christin

Predictors of cognitive decline in memory clinic patients (2007-06-08)

Annerbo Sylvia

Development of dementia in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) patients with focus on B-vitamin (2007-05-25)

Vannini Patrizia

Functional neurobiology in normal aging, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer´s disease: Focus on visuospatial processing using functional magnetic resonance imaging (2007-05-11)


Josefsson Karin

Municipal elderly care: Implications of registered nurses' work situation, education, and competence (2006-12-14).

Lasn Helen

The principal inferior olivary nucleus in aging and Alzheimer´s disease (2006-11-24).


Pettersson Anna

Motor function and cognition:aspects on gait and balance (2005-12-16).


Faxén-Irving Gerd

Nutritional status and cognitive function in frail elderly subjects (2004-09-03).

Cornelius Christel

Drug use in the elderly - risk or protection? Findings from the Kungsholmen project (2004-03-19).

Heikkilä Kristina

The role of ethnic identity in care of elderly Finnish immigrants (2004-02-20).


Huang Chaorui

Mild cognitive impairment. Neuroimaging markers for early diagnosis of dementia (2003-10-03).

Götell Eva

Singing, background music, and music-events in the communication between persons with dementia and their caregivers (2003-09-12).

Sunvisson Helena

The embodied experience of living with Parkinsons´s disease (2003-06-06).

Ebbeskog Britt

Elderly patients with slow-healing leg ulcers - an embodied suffering (2003-05-09).


Lindau Maria

Clinical differentiation between frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer´s disease (2002-12-20).

Andersen Christian

On characterisation and diagnostics of Frontotemporal lobar degeneration syndromes (2002-10-10).

Hertzberg Annika

We, not them and us - A utopia? Relatives and nursing home staff´s experiences of and views on each other (2002-10-09).


Sonde Lars

Rehabilitation after stroke. Effects of length of stay and treatments to facilitate motor recovery after stroke (2001-04-27).


Palo-Bengtsson Liisa

Social dancing as a caregiver intervention in the care of persons with dementia (2000-12-15).