Call for funding - Research School in Health Science 2020

The call covers up to 14 grants for partial financing of doctoral education at Karolinska Institute that shall be used to pay for doctoral student’s salaries. The research school in health science aims to announce project funding and recruitment of doctoral students every two years.

The announcement 2020

The call covers up to 14 grants for partial financing of doctoral education. The research school starts autumn 2021.

Call for funding: 12 October – 23 November 2020 (at 2 pm).

Apply electronically in KI Prisma. Applications are assessed by external senior researchers (from outside KI).

Conditions for applying

The following conditions must be met to be eligible to apply:

  • The principal applicant must be a researcher with a PhD working at KI who intends to recruit and act as principal supervisor to a doctoral student. The applicant must first have obtained a “green light” approval from his/her department.
  • The principal supervisor must be active at the department where he/she plans to employ the student.
  • The principal supervisor may only act as principal supervisor in one application per call; however, this restriction does not apply to the role of co-supervisor. If an applicant appears as principal supervisor on two grant applications, both applications will be considered invalid.
  • Co-applicants must be researchers with a PhD who intend to act as co-supervisors to the recruited doctoral student.
  • The applying principal and co-supervisors must be the same individuals appointed as principal and co-supervisors by the Head of Department when the doctoral student is admitted.
  • The following eligibility rules apply: An individual who has been granted funding as a principal supervisor is not eligible to apply for any faculty funds for financing a doctoral student as principal supervisor in another call during the same or following year. This means that a principal supervisor granted other KI funding to support a doctoral student in 2019 or 2020 is not eligible to apply for a FiH grant as principal supervisor in 2020. An individual who applies as principal supervisor for faculty funding in several ongoing calls simultaneously will only be allocated funds in one of these calls.

It should also be noted that:

  • Only those who have not already been admitted to doctoral education may be recruited to a FiH project.
  • According to the Rules for employment after the right to remain employed is no longer valid, it is not allowed to become principal supervisor for new doctoral students after the age of 68.
  • All rules that apply to supervision and doctoral education at KI also apply to those who receive FiH funding.

Financing of a new doctoral student

The grant for partial financing of a doctoral students within the research school is equivalent to the KID-grant. The standard annual standard amount amounts to 350 000 SEK during 2021 (including INDI and LKP) for 4 years and shall be used for the doctoral student’s salary. The standard amount is increased annualy in the same way as for KID funds. For doctoral students in the research school, it is possible to study part-time (although a minimum of 50% is required).

During the first year of the research school, the doctoral students complete FiH’s mandatory courses and should therefore pursue the doctoral education at least on 75% and during the course period full time is required.

Announcement process and recruitment of doctoral student

The requirement steps:

  1. Announcement of funds for partial financing of doctoral student. Eligible to apply are main supervisors with research projects that must be of high scientific quality with relevance to health science and suitable for doctoral education.
  2. Scientific review is performed by a review group consisting of external senior researchers from various universities in Sweden. The applications are scrutinized in accordance with criteria such as relevance to the research area for the research school in health science, the project's suitability as a doctoral student project, the competence of the supervisors and the doctoral student's learning, the scientific quality and feasibility of the project. The criteria are based on guidelines established by the Committee for Doctoral Education (KFU).
  3. Decisions on allocation of grants are made by KFU, following proposals from the scientific review group's prepared proposals which have also been approved by the steering group for the research school.
  4. Establishment of doctoral position. The prospective principle supervisor applies to the department to establish a doctoral position.
  5. Recruitment of doctoral students. The prospective principle supervisor participates in the recruitment process of the doctoral student. The doctoral student position is announced in KI´s recruitment system Varbi. A hearing is organised in which the projects are presented. Those who are interested apply for the announced positions and the prospective supervisors´ makes a selection and interview prospective doctoral students.
  6. Decision on admission. The admission decision is taken by the head of the relevant department. The prospective supervisor informs FiH which doctoral students that are admitted to their project after which the steering group decide on admission to the research school in health science. If the doctoral student is not registered by 31 August 2021, funding within the framework of FiH cannot be offered.
  7. Courses are estimated to start 1 September 2021
Time Activity
12 Oct –23 Nov  Call for funding: Open
23–27 Nov Compilation of the applicant
30 Nov –22 Jan 2021  Assessment by external reviewers
Mars Decision on allocation
15 Mar –30 May Recruitment process doctoral students
1 Jun–31 Aug  Registration of doctoral students
1 Sep Start of doctoral school

Instructions for application

The intended principal supervisor makes the application in KI Prisma by 2 pm, 23 November 2020. Green light shall be appended.


The application can be written in Swedish or English.

Project title 

The project title must clearly state the research area and what the project is about and must also allow for forming an opinion for those outside the special area about the project's content. The project title is used in different contexts and should be designed with care. The project title should be provided in both Swedish and English.

Applying supervisors 

Please see conditions for applying above. A minimum of two applicants (main supervisor and co-applicant) both with a PhD and at least one Associate Professor. 

Short summary of the project

The summary should include overall aim, research questions, hypotheses; methods; planned studies; the project´s significance and relevance for doctoral education and the role of the doctoral student (maximum 4000 characters, in Swedish). 

Relevance for the research school in health science 

Describe and motivate the project relevance according to the research area (max 2000 characters). 

Doctoral education environment and supervision 

Describe how the project is suitable for research education (max 2000 characters). Clearly state the doctoral education environment, how the supervisors’ competences are relevant to the suggested project, how you plan to organize the supervision and how the project is adjusted to the student´s performance of the mandatory courses  

All applicants should also state previous experience of supervising on the level of doctoral education. 

Describe the total amount of financial resources 

State how does the planning/arrangement of the financial resources contribute to the project's feasibility. The total financial resources should be described. Is there is any previous funding granted for the research project applied for here, the size of the grant/grants, time period and the financier. In this application the main applicant’s current employment situations should also be stated (max 2000 characters)

Other resources available for the research project and the doctoral student 

Describe other resources available for the project and the doctoral student e.g other staff members, spaces, equipment, and material. Any opportunities for international sharing of knowledge and interaction (max 2000 characters).

Also describe any collaboration between other departments at KI. 

Outcomes for doctoral education

State clearly, giving examples how the outcomes of the doctoral education will be achieved: 
•    Knowledge and understanding 
•    Competence and skills
•    Judgement and approach 

Outcomes for degree of doctor

Research plan

The research plan including references may be a maximum of 20 000 characters. It should include the project aim, background, research questions, methods, studies planned, the significance and a working plan. It should also contain the information required to assess the project's objectives, originality, and feasibility. The project should also be described as to get a good idea of its scientific position in a national/ international context.

Ethical approval 

Ethical approval should be stated. If there is no approval yet, it has to be maintained and available to FiH by April 1st 2021. 

Gender and diversity

Describe how gender and diversity is taken into account for in the project aim, or design, or methods. If not relevant for the present project a motivation should be given (max 2000 characters).

How do I apply?

The intended principal supervisor applies electronically in KI Prisma during the application period. You create your application in KI Prisma by filling in the text fields, retrieving information from your personal account, and attaching the requested appendices. Please avoid stating your own, or anyone else’s, personal identity number in the application other than in those places where it is specifically requested.

To the application form in KI Prisma

Most of the fields to be completed in Prisma have user support that tells you what to do, as well as provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Create a personal account in Prisma

Before you can apply, you need to create a personal account in Prisma ( where you can save your personal information and CV (if you already have a Prisma account, you can use this to apply for the funding). You only need to enter information once, it can then be supplemented or changed as and when necessary.

Remember to create your personal account in good time. The application you register in Prisma will be linked to your personal account.

All co-supervisors who are going to contribute to the design of the application must be entered as participating researchers. They can then contribute their information to the application via their accounts.

Assessment and decision

Review criteria, review process and decisions


Kay Sundberg

Research school director FiH