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Behavioral-Analysis Resources Campus Flemingsberg

The NVS Behavioral-Analysis Resrouces at Campus Flemingsberg provides researchers with a state-of-the art infrastructure for behavioral studies of mouse models relevant to diseases of the nervous system.


The equipment at the behavioral labs allows researchers to perform a wide range of tests with a special focus on learning processes and different types of memory.

  • Learning and memory: Morris water maze, Barnes maze, radial maze, Y-maze, T-maze, Fear conditioning, IntelliCage system
  • Sensorymotor assessment: Locomotor boxes, Cylinder, Rotarod, Hot Plate. Equipment for observation and assessment of development according to the SHIRPA protocol
  • Anxienty-related and exploratory behaviour: Elevated plus maze, Dark/light Box, Hole Nose poke board
  • Video-tracking equipment: Noldus Ethovision


We offer introduction to the lab and practical training for users as well as one week courses for PhD and Master students.

For more information and booking of the lab, please send an e-mail to

About the lab

The NVS Behavior-Analysis Resources was initiated as a joint venture between the Department of Neurobiology, care sciences and sociology, the Department of Neuroscience and the Strategic Neuroscience initiative (StratNeuro).