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An innovative use of photography embedded in daily encounters in institutional dementia care

The overall aim of the proposed project is to develop knowledge about clinical encounters between persons with younger onset dementia and their care providers in the everyday life context of an institutional setting; this exploration will apply visual and narrative methods to facilitate active participation among both these persons and their professional caregivers in order to understand contextually situated everyday life and care situations.

The project contributes with new knowledge around clinical encounters as situated within an institutional and cultural context, the development and evaluation of this concept, which will be helpful in planning for intervention programs in clinical practice based on active participation by caregivers together with persons with dementia. Moreover the project contributes with improvements in adherence to national guidelines in dementia care. It will be finalized 2016.



Louise Nygård


Riksföreningen för åldrandeforskning (RÅF) (National Society for Research on Ageing), FORTE.