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The Doctoral School aims to contribute to the development of high quality health care science with implications for clinical practice. The projects are highly integrated with health care services and are closely connected to health care providers.  

Research and themes

The Doctoral School's activities focus on complex care processes using knowledge and methodology from different academic disciplines which can be distinguished from medical and preclinical research.

The emphasis is not on specific health professionals and our doctoral students have different backgrounds including physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, physicians and designers. The Doctoral School’s research includes:

  • Research on patient-centered care
  • Research on theory, - concept and methodology in health care
  • Research on implementation of knowledge in health care


The Doctoral School co-finances doctoral students for up to four (4) years, corresponding to the Internal KI funding for doctoral education (KID-funding). The yearly increase in the funding follows the directives from KID-funding. It is possible to study part-time, which is an advantage for students combining their education with  clinical work.


The Doctoral School offers a combination mandatory and elective courses in health care science.  During the semester doctoral students are to participate in one 5-week mandatory course (7.5 ESCT) and the second semester the students are to choose 2 elective courses covering 8 ESCT. During the first year doctoral students should therefore pursue at least 75 % of their time on doctoral studies and 100% during courses.

The Doctoral Programme in Health Care Science (PUF-V) provides both the mandatory and elective courses for the students enrolled in the Doctoral School. The courses provide knowledge of concepts, designs and analytical methods especially suited for multidisciplinary studies and the understanding of complex processes related to the field of health care sciences.

Activities and networking

The purpose of activities such as seminars, project presentations, workshop offered by the Doctoral School is to give the possibility to advanced studies within specific topics, beside the the research project itself entail. Doctoral and supervisory retreats are held annually and health care sciences conferences are held with in the Baltic Sea Region providing excellent networking opportunities. We encourage the students to apply and look for opportunities to spend time at research groups abroad with the aim to increase new ideas and opportunities for collaboration.

Management and organization

The responsibility of the Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences lies with the Board of Doctoral Education (FUS) at KI. The steering group of the Doctoral School is appointed by FUS and the group has representatives from several of KI’s departments as well as doctoral student representatives.

Christina Opava holds the chair of the steering group and the members are presented here.

Lena Wettergren is the Director of studies of the Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences.

Anna-Maria Loimi is the coordinator, placed at Alfred Nobels Allé 2, B3,  Campus Flemingsberg,


The Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences (FiV) at Karolinska Institutet (former National Doctoral School in Health Care Science, NFV) was established based on a decision by the Board of Doctoral Education (FUS) in 2009. Fifteen students have been admitted to the school every other year.

The school is a development of the National Health Care Science Postgraduate School (NFVO), where KI was the host university with four cooperative partners. NFVO was established in 2000 as health care science was considered a relatively new and important research area with significance for the development of health care. Since 2001 and up to date more than 100 health care professionals have graduated. 

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