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About the Division of Social Work

At the department of Neurobiology, care science and society (NVS), the discipline ”social work in health care” (medical social work) is developing within an interprofessional context.

Social work in health care includes knowledge about, and understanding of, individuals’ social, psycho-social and societal circumstances and how these factors interact with health and ill-health. The academic connection is medicine and social work with the following areas of focus: social and psycho-social causes to and consequences’ of ill-health. These areas include patients´ and relatives’ experiences of diseases, injuries, disabilities and concerns as well as treatment modalities. In this context essential (important?) research areas within the division of social work are: chronic diseases and disabilities, children and youth health/ill-health, cancer and palliative care and clinical sexology/sexual medicine. Moreover, evidence and evaluation of psycho-social methods in health care research are integrated in the research and educational profile of the division. The implementation of theories and methods of social work in health care is conducted on individual levels as well as on group- and societal levels. From the clinical point of view, the division is closely connected to the department of social work at the Karolinska University Hospital.

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Kerstin Sjögren Fugl-Meyer

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