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A list of selected publications from the Silberberg Laboratory.

Selected publications

Synaptic Connectivity between the Cortex and Claustrum Is Organized into Functional Modules.
Chia Z, Augustine GJ, Silberberg G
Curr. Biol. 2020 Jun;():

Differential Synaptic Input to External Globus Pallidus Neuronal Subpopulations In Vivo
Ketzef M, Silberberg G
bioRxiv 2020.02.27.967869 (2020) doi:10.1101/2020.02.27.967869.

The Functional Organization of Cortical and Thalamic Inputs onto Five Types of Striatal Neurons Is Determined by Source and Target Cell Identities.
Johansson Y, Silberberg G
Cell Rep 2020 Jan;30(4):1178-1194.e3

A New Micro-holder Device for Local Drug Delivery during In Vivo Whole-cell Recordings.
Sáez M, Ketzef M, Alegre-Cortés J, Reig R, Silberberg G
Neuroscience 2018 06;381():115-123

Dopamine Depletion Impairs Bilateral Sensory Processing in the Striatum in a Pathway-Dependent Manner.
Ketzef M, Spigolon G, Johansson Y, Bonito-Oliva A, Fisone G, Silberberg G
Neuron 2017 May;94(4):855-865.e5

Functional properties, topological organization and sexual dimorphism of claustrum neurons projecting to anterior cingulate cortex.
Chia Z, Silberberg G, Augustine, GJ
Claustrum 2, 1357412 (2017)

Optogenetic dissection of the striatal microcircuitry.
Silberberg G, Planert H 
Advanced Patch-Clamp Analysis for Neuroscientists vol. 113 151–170 (2016)

Distinct Corticostriatal and Intracortical Pathways Mediate Bilateral Sensory Responses in the Striatum.
Reig R, Silberberg G
Cereb. Cortex 2016 12;26(12):4405-4415

Local and afferent synaptic pathways in the striatal microcircuitry.
Silberberg G, Bolam JP
Curr. Opin. Neurobiol. 2015 Aug;33():182-7

Multisensory integration in the mouse striatum.
Reig R, Silberberg G
Neuron 2014 Sep;83(5):1200-12

Target Selectivity of Feedforward Inhibition by Striatal Fast-Spiking Interneurons.
Szydlowski SN, Pollak Dorocic I, Planert H, Carlén M, Meletis K, Silberberg G
J. Neurosci. 2013 Jan;33(4):1678-83

Membrane properties of striatal direct and indirect pathway neurons in mouse and rat slices and their modulation by dopamine.
Planert H, Berger TK, Silberberg G
PLoS ONE 2013 ;8(3):e57054

Dynamics of synaptic transmission between fast-spiking interneurons and striatal projection neurons of the direct and indirect pathways.
Planert H, Szydlowski SN, Hjorth JJ, Grillner S, Silberberg G
J. Neurosci. 2010 Mar;30(9):3499-507

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