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Vacant positions at Silberberg lab.

Postdoc positions available


Our lab uses electrophysiological, morphological, optogenetic, and computational methods to study neural microcircuits in the neocortex and basal-ganglia. In particular we are interested in the dynamic properties of neuronal microcircuits underlying sensory and motor processing.

We study the dynamic interactions between different types of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in order to unravel the way neural networks are structured and dynamically orchestrated.

Postdoc candidates should have a strong neuroscience background with documented experience in patch-clamp recording and/or in vivo electrophysiology.

Knowledge of neuroanatomy, imaging, and computer programming are highly advantageous.

The project will involve in vivo patch-clamp recordings and calcium imaging in cortex and striatum.

Funding is guaranteed for the first 2 years and may be extended according to progress and available funding.