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Josephson Laboratory


Anna Josephson

Telefon: 08-524 870 72
Enhet: Institutionen för neurovetenskap (Neuro), C4

Research focus

Our group is associated with the Lars Olson group where we mainly focus on the role of the Nogo nerve growth inhibitory system in:

  1. Spinal cord injury, where we aim to obtain post-injury protection and methods of reparation;
  2. CNS plasticity, memory, aging and repair: we have recent data to suggest a key role for the Nogo receptor in the formation of life-long memories;
  3. The development of Alzheimer’s disease where we study the role of the Nogo system in the formation of amyloidal plaque. The aims of our studies are to advance the understanding of the Nogo signaling system in health and disease focusing on gene activity regulation and behavioral indications.

Selected publications