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Chrast Laboratory

Senior researcher

Roman Chrast

Telefon: 073-712 16 45

Research focus

Research in our laboratory focuses on the identification and characterization of molecular and metabolic defects in inherited and acquired forms of neurodegenerative diseases affecting either neurons/axons, myelinating glial cells or interactions between these two partners.

Our expertise in neuron/glial biology and in genetics/genomics allowed us to establish an integrative research pipeline including experimental approaches aiming at the identification of disease genes, functional assessment of the pathogenicity of the identified mutations and in vitro and in vivo evaluation of the relevance of the identified genes (or pathways) for neural system physiology and disease.

In an effort to translate our results into potential clinical applications we are using various developed disease models to test new therapeutic strategies.

Myelinated co-culture of sensory neurons and Schwann cells in a microfluidics device

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Group members

Luca BartesaghiPostdoc
Filipa BoucanovaDoktorand
Roman ChrastForskare
Jean-Jacques MedardLaboratorieingenjör