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Publications 2024

Daylight saving time was not associated with a change in suicide rates in Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.
Plöderl M, Pichler EM, Westerlund J, Niederseer D, Fartacek C
Eur J Public Health 2024 Apr;():

The WHO Mental Health Gap Action Programme for mental, neurological, and substance use conditions: the new and updated guideline recommendations.
Brohan E, Chowdhary N, Dua T, Barbui C, Thornicroft G, Kestel D, , 
Lancet Psychiatry 2024 Feb;11(2):155-158

A pilot study evaluating the preventive effects of platform-end lengthwise fencing on trespassing, person struck by train and traffic delays.
Fredin-Knutzén J, Hadlaczky G, Wigren A, Sokolowski M
J Safety Res 2024 Feb;88():78-84'

Menstrual symptoms and subjective well-being among postmenarchal adolescents.
Gambadauro P, Hadlaczky G, Wasserman D, Carli V
AJOG Glob Rep 2024 Feb;4(1):100304

Publications 2023

Samis in the city. A qualitative study of mental health and well-being among Samis in Stockholm.
Sundvall GM, Eastwood EM, Bäärnhielm S
Int J Circumpolar Health 2023 Dec;82(1):2246644

Investigating the effectiveness of three school based interventions for preventing psychotic experiences over a year period - a secondary data analysis study of a randomized control trial.
Staines L, Healy C, Corcoran P, Keeley H, Coughlan H, McMahon E, Cotter P, Cotter D, Kelleher I, Wasserman C, Brunner R, Kaess M, Sarchiapone M, Hoven CW, Carli V, Wasserman D, Cannon M
BMC Public Health 2023 Feb;23(1):219

WPA's humanitarian actions for Ukrainian psychiatrists and psychiatric patients.
Wasserman D, Herrman H, Javed A, Ng RMK, Falkai P, Samochowiec J, Eberhard J, Sartorius N
World Psychiatry 2023 Feb;22(1):166-167

Increased suicide risk among younger women in winter during full moon in northern Europe. An artifact or a novel finding?
Plöderl M, Westerlund J, Hökby S, Hadlaczky G, Hengartner MP
Mol Psychiatry 2023 Feb;28(2):901-907

Pushing forward public mental health agenda and promotion of mental health.
Wasserman D, Arango C, Fiorillo A, Levin S, Peters AC, Rao GP, Sylla A, Sanchez-Villanueva T
World Psychiatry 2023 Feb;22(1):170-171

Longitudinal Effects of Screen Time on Depressive Symptoms among Swedish Adolescents: The Moderating and Mediating Role of Coping Engagement Behavior.
Hökby S, Westerlund J, Alvarsson J, Carli V, Hadlaczky G
Int J Environ Res Public Health 2023 Feb;20(4):

Publications 2022

Increased suicide risk among younger women in winter during full moon in northern Europe. An artifact or a novel finding?
Plöderl M, Westerlund J, Hökby S, Hadlaczky G, Hengartner MP
Mol Psychiatry 2022 Oct;():

Spreading a Strategy to Prevent Suicide After Psychiatric Hospitalization: Results of a Quality Improvement Spread Initiative.
Riblet NB, Varela M, Ashby W, Zubkoff L, Shiner B, Pogue J, Stevens SP, Wasserman D, Watts BV
Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf 2022 Oct;48(10):503-512

A pilot study evaluating the effectiveness of preventing railway suicides by mid-track fencing, which restrict easy access to high-speed train tracks. 
Fredin-Knutzén J, Hadlaczky G, Andersson AL, Sokolowski M. 
J. Saf. Res. 2022 Sep;():

Suicide numbers during the first 9-15 months of the COVID-19 pandemic compared with pre-existing trends: An interrupted time series analysis in 33 countries.
Pirkis J, Gunnell D, Shin S, Del Pozo-Banos M, Arya V, Aguilar PA, Appleby L, Arafat SMY, Arensman E, Ayuso-Mateos JL, Balhara YPS, Bantjes J, Baran A, Behera C, Bertolote J, Borges G, Bray M, Brečić P, Caine E, Calati R, Carli V,,,,, Wasserman D, Webb RT, Winkler P, Yip PSF, Zalsman G, Zoja R, John A, Spittal MJ
EClinicalMedicine 2022 Sep;51():101573

Contact with psychiatric care prior to suicide: are there differences between migrants and the majority population in Sweden? A cohort study of 12 474 persons who died by suicide between 2006 and 2016.
Jonsson E, Sjöqvist H, Sundvall M, Bäärnhielm S, Dalman C, Hollander AC
Epidemiol Psychiatr Sci 2022 Jul;31():e56

The NEVERMIND e-health system in the treatment of depressive symptoms among patients with severe somatic conditions: A multicentre, pragmatic randomised controlled trial.
Carli V, Petros NG, Hadlaczky G, Vitcheva T, Berchialla P, Bianchi S, Carletto S, Christinaki E, Citi L, Dinis S, Gentili C, Geraldes V, Giovinazzo L, Gonzalez-Martinez S, Meyer B, Ostacoli L, Ottaviano M, Ouakinin S, Papastylianou T, Paradiso R, Poli R, Rocha I, Settanta C, Scilingo EP, Valenza G
EClinicalMedicine 2022 Jun;48():101423

Sociodemographic Characteristics Associated With an eHealth System Designed to Reduce Depressive Symptoms Among Patients With Breast or Prostate Cancer: Prospective Study.
Petros NG, Hadlaczky G, Carletto S, Martinez SG, Ostacoli L, Ottaviano M, Meyer B, Scilingo EP, Carli V
JMIR Form Res 2022 Jun;6(6):e33734

Relation between occupation, gender dominance in the occupation and workplace and suicide in Sweden: a longitudinal study.
Matilla Santander N, Blazevska B, Carli V, Hadlaczky G, Linnersjö A, Bodin T, Johansson G
BMJ Open 2022 Jun;12(6):e060096

Care pathways for people with major depressive disorder: a European Brain Council Value of Treatment study.
Strawbridge R, McCrone P, Ulrichsen A, Zahn R, Eberhard J, Wasserman D, Brambilla P, Schiena G, Hegerl U, Balazs J, Caldas de Almeida J, Antunes A, Baltzis S, Carli V, Quoidbach V, Boyer P, Young AH
Eur Psychiatry 2022 Jun;65(1):1-21

The impact of school-based screening on service use in adolescents at risk for mental health problems and risk-behaviour.
Lustig S, Kaess M, Schnyder N, Michel C, Brunner R, Tubiana A, Kahn JP, Sarchiapone M, Hoven CW, Barzilay S, Apter A, Balazs J, Bobes J, Saiz PA, Cozman D, Cotter P, Kereszteny A, Podlogar T, Postuvan V, Värnik A, Resch F, Carli V, Wasserman D
Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2022 Apr;():

Polygenic risk scores for neuropsychiatric, inflammatory, and cardio-metabolic traits highlight possible genetic overlap with suicide attempt and treatment-emergent suicidal ideation.
Fanelli G, Sokolowski M, Wasserman D, , Kasper S, Zohar J, Souery D, Montgomery S, Albani D, Forloni G, Ferentinos P, Rujescu D, Mendlewicz J, De Ronchi D, Serretti A, Fabbri C
Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet 2022 Apr;189(3-4):74-85

Twelve-month service use, suicidality and mental health problems of European adolescents after a school-based screening for current suicidality.
Kaess M, Schnyder N, Michel C, Brunner R, Carli V, Sarchiapone M, Hoven CW, Wasserman C, Apter A, Balazs J, Bobes J, Cosman D, Haring C, Kahn JP, Keeley H, Kereszteny A, Podlogar T, Postuvan V, Varnik A, Resch F, Wasserman D
Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2022 Feb;31(2):229-238

Dissecting the Shared Genetic Architecture of Suicide Attempt, Psychiatric Disorders, and Known Risk Factors.
Mullins N, Kang J, Campos AI, Coleman JRI, Edwards AC, Galfalvy H, Levey DF, Lori A, Shabalin A, , , , , , , , Wasserman D, Werge T, Whiteman DC, Bulik CM, Coon H, Demontis D, Docherty AR, Kuo PH, Lewis CM, Mann JJ, Rentería ME, Smith DJ, Stahl EA, Stein MB, Streit F, Willour V, Ruderfer DM
Biol Psychiatry 2022 Feb;91(3):313-327

Accident or suicide? Improvement in the classification of suicides among road traffic fatalities in Sweden by extended psychosocial investigations, during the years 2010-2019.
Andersson AL, Sokolowski M
J Safety Res 2022 Feb;80():39-45

A Naturalistic, European Multi-Center Clinical Study of Electrodermal Reactivity and Suicide Risk Among Patients With Depression.
Carli V, Hadlaczky G, Petros NG, Iosue M, Zeppegno P, Gramaglia C, Amore M, Baca-Garcia E, Batra A, Cosman D, Courtet P, Di Sciascio G, Ekstrand J, Galfalvy H, Gusmão R, Jesus C, Heitor MJ, Constante M, Rad PM, Saiz PA, Wojnar M, Sarchiapone M
Front Psychiatry 2021 ;12():765128

Socio-demographic, economic and mental health problems were risk factors for suicidal ideation among Kenyan students aged 15 plus.
Ndetei DM, Mutiso VN, Weisz JR, Okoth CA, Musyimi C, Muia EN, Osborn TL, Sourander A, Wasserman D, Mamah D
J Affect Disord 2022 Jan;():

Publications 2021

A candidate biological network formed by genes from genomic and hypothesis-free scans of suicide.
Sokolowski M, Wasserman D
Prev Med 2021 11;152(Pt 1):106604

Excessive and pathological Internet use - Risk-behavior or psychopathology?
Kaess M, Klar J, Kindler J, Parzer P, Brunner R, Carli V, Sarchiapone M, Hoven CW, Apter A, Balazs J, Barzilay S, Bobes J, Cozman D, Gomboc V, Haring C, Kahn JP, Keeley H, Meszaros G, Musa GJ, Postuvan V, Saiz P, Sisask M, Varnik P, Resch F, Wasserman D
Addict Behav 2021 Jul;123():107045

Future WPA President's public mental health agenda.
Wasserman D
World Psychiatry 2021 Jun;20(2):309-310

Risk and protective factors for psychotic experiences in adolescence: a population-based study.
McMahon EM, Corcoran P, Keeley H, Clarke M, Coughlan H, Wasserman D, Hoven CW, Carli V, Sarchiapone M, Healy C, Cannon M
Psychol Med 2021 May;51(7):1220-1228

A Pilot Randomized Trial of a Brief Intervention to Prevent Suicide After Inpatient Psychiatric Discharge.
Riblet NB, Stevens SP, Watts BV, Gui J, Forehand J, Cornelius S, Powell R, Lewicki K, Wasserman D, Shiner B
Psychiatr Serv 2021 May;():appips202000537

A Public Mental Health Study Among Iraqi Refugees in Sweden: Social Determinants, Resilience, Gender, and Cultural Context. 
Önver A. Çetrez, Valerie DeMarinis, Maria Sundvall, Manuel Fernandez-Gonzalez, Liubov Borisova, David Titelman, Front. Sociol., 26 April 2021. 

Longitudinal predictors of problematic alcohol use in adolescence: A 2-year follow-up study
Lutz Wartberg, Gloria Fischer-Waldschmidt, Levente Kriston, Christina W. Hoven, Marco Sarchiapone, Vladimir Carli, Danuta Wasserman, Franz Resch, Romuald Brunner, Michael Kaess, Addictive Behaviors, Volume 120, 2021,106952.

Measuring Attitudes toward Suicide Prevention among Occupational Staff Frequently Exposed to Suicidal Individuals: Psychometric Evaluation and Validation. 
Ramberg I-L, Hökby S, Karlsson L, Hadlaczky G.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2021; 18(8):4001. 

Suicides during the Swedish midsummer holiday: analysis of cause of death data 1980–2018. 
Hökby S, Westerlund J, Blazevska B, Hadlaczky G
Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, 2021 DOI: 10.1080/08039488.2021.1900388

“On Nomadic Shores Inward”: Harry Martinson’s Journey to Late-Life Suicide,
David Titelman,The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 2021, 90:2, 235-266, DOI: 10.1080/00332828.2021.1882257

Suicide prevention in childhood and adolescence: a narrative review of current knowledge on risk and protective factors and effectiveness of interventions.
Wasserman D, Carli V, Iosue M, Javed A, Herrman H
Asia Pac Psychiatry 2021 Sep;13(3):e12452

Suicide prevention in psychiatric patients.
Wasserman D, Carli V, Iosue M, Javed A, Herrman H
Asia Pac Psychiatry 2021 Sep;13(3):e12450

Alcohol use and risk factors for self-harm behavior in Spanish adolescents.
Bousoño M, Al-Halabí S, Burón P, Garrido M, Díaz-Mesa EM, Galván G, García-Álvarez L, Velasco Á, Rodríguez-Revuelta J, Wasserman C, Carli V, Hoven C, Sarchiapone M, Wasserman D, Bousoño M, García-Portilla MP, Iglesias C, Sáiz PA, Bobes J
Adicciones 2021 Jan;33(1):53-62

Publications 2020

Safe but isolated - an interview study with Iraqi refugees in Sweden about social networks, social support, and mental health.
Sundvall M, Titelman D, DeMarinis V, Borisova L, Çetrez Ö
Int J Soc Psychiatry 2020 Sep;():20764020954257

European Psychiatric Association policy paper on ethical aspects in communication with patients and their families. 
Carpiniello B, Wasserman D.
European Psychiatry, Volume 63, Issue 1 2020 , e36. 

Doing Nothing is Sometimes Worse: Comparing Avoidant versus Approach Coping Strategies with Peer Victimization and Their Association to Depression and Suicide Ideation. 
Benatov J, Klomek AB, Shira B, Apter A, Carli V, Wasserman C, et al. 
Journal of School Violence, 2020.

A protocol for a multicentre, parallel-group, pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the NEVERMIND system in preventing and treating depression in patients with severe somatic conditions.
Carli V, Wasserman D, Hadlaczky G, Petros NG, Carletto S, Citi L, et al
BMC Psychiatry 2020 Mar;20(1):93

Influence of coping strategies on the efficacy of YAM (Youth Aware of Mental Health): a universal school-based suicide preventive program.
Kahn JP, Cohen RF, Tubiana A, Legrand K, Wasserman C, Carli V, et al
Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2020 Feb;():

Risk and protective factors for psychotic experiences in adolescence: a population-based study.
McMahon EM, Corcoran P, Keeley H, Clarke M, Coughlan H, Wasserman D, et al
Psychol Med 2020 Feb;():1-9

Life Events Predicting the First Onset of Adolescent Direct Self-Injurious Behavior-A Prospective Multicenter Study.
Kaess M, Eppelmann L, Brunner R, Parzer P, Resch F, Carli V, et al
J Adolesc Health 2020 Feb;66(2):195-201

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