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School-based suicide prevention programmes: the SEYLE cluster-randomised, controlled trial

Wasserman D, Hoven CW, Wasserman C, et al.

Lancet (2015) Online 9 January. Article.

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Publications 2014

 Study on prevalence and dynamics of suicide among children and young people (12-24 years of age) in Sughd Region of Tajikistan (Hoven, C.W., Musa, G.J., Seaman, F., Harbo, S., Doan, T., Wicks, J., Amsel, L., Carli, V., Wasserman, D., Mandell, D. 2013)

Mental Health First Aid is an effective public health intervention for improving knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour: a meta-analysis. (Hadlaczky G, Hökby S, Mkrtchian A, Carli V, Wasserman D. 2014)

Genome-wide association studies of suicidal behaviors: a review. (Sokolowski M, Wasserman J, Wasserman D. 2014)

An overview of the neurobiology of suicidal behaviors as one meta-system. (Sokolowski M1, Wasserman J, Wasserman D. 2014)

A newly identified group of adolescents at "invisible" risk for psychopathology and suicidal behavior: findings from the SEYLE study. (Carli V, Hoven CW, Wasserman C, Chiesa F, Guffanti G, Sarchiapone M, Apter A, Balazs J, Brunner R, Corcoran P, Cosman D, Haring C, Iosue M, Kaess M, Kahn JP, Keeley H, Postuvan V, Saiz P, Varnik A, Wasserman D. 2014)

Risk-behaviour screening for identifying adolescents with mental health problems in Europe. (Kaess M1, Brunner R, Parzer P, Carli V, Apter A, Balazs JA, Bobes J, Coman HG, Cosman D, Cotter P, Durkee T, Farkas L, Feldman D, Haring C, Iosue M, Kahn JP, Keeley H, Podlogar T, Postuvan V, Resch F, Sáiz PA, Sisask M, Tubiana A, Värnik P, Sarchiapone M, Hoven CW, Wasserman D. 2014)

Alcohol consumption patterns among adolescents are related to family structure and exposure to drunkenness within the family: results from the SEYLE project. (Rüütel E1, Sisask M, Värnik A, Värnik P, Carli V, Wasserman C, Hoven CW, Sarchiapone M, Apter A, Balazs J, Bobes J, Brunner R, Corcoran P, Cosman D, Haring C, Iosue M, Kaess M, Kahn JP, Poštuvan V, Sáiz PA, Wasserman D. 2014)

Pathological Internet use among European adolescents: psychopathology and self-destructive behaviours. (Kaess M, Durkee T, Brunner R, Carli V, Parzer P, Wasserman C, Sarchiapone M, Hoven C, Apter A, Balazs J, Balint M, Bobes J, Cohen R, Cosman D, Cotter P, Fischer G, Floderus B, Iosue M, Haring C, Kahn JP, Musa GJ, Nemes B, Postuvan V, Resch F, Saiz PA, Sisask M, Snir A, Varnik A, Žiberna J, Wasserman D. 2014)

Hours of sleep in adolescents and its association with anxiety, emotional concerns, and suicidal ideation. (Sarchiapone M, Mandelli L, Carli V, Iosue M, Wasserman C, Hadlaczky G, Hoven CW, Apter A, Balazs J, Bobes J, Brunner R11, Corcoran P, Cosman D, Haring C, Kaess M, Keeley H, Keresztény A, Kahn JP, Postuvan V, Mars U, Saiz PA, Varnik P, Sisask M, Wasserman D. 2014)

Serious suicidal behaviors: socio-demographic and clinical features in a multinational, multicenter sample. (Carli V, Mandelli L, Zaninotto L, Iosue M, Hadlaczky G, Wasserman D, Hegerl U, Värnik A, Reisch T, Pfuhlmann B, Maloney J, Schmidtke A, Serretti A, Sarchiapone M. 2014)

Trait-aggressiveness and impulsivity: role of psychological resilience and childhood trauma in a sample of male prisoners. (Carli V, Mandelli L, Zaninotto L, Alberti S, Roy A, Serretti A, Sarchiapone M. 2014)

Life-time prevalence and psychosocial correlates of adolescent direct self-injurious behavior: a comparative study of findings in 11 European countries. (Brunner R, Kaess M, Parzer P, Fischer G, Carli V, Hoven CW, Wasserman C, Sarchiapone M, Resch F, Apter A, Balazs J, Barzilay S, Bobes J, Corcoran P, Cosmanm D, Haring C, Iosuec M, Kahn JP, Keeley H, Meszaros G, Nemes B, Podlogar T, Postuvan V, Saiz PA, Sisask M, Tubiana A, Varnik A, Wasserman D. 2014)

Repetition of attempted suicide among immigrants in Europe. (Lipsicas CB, Mäkinen IH, Wasserman D, et al. 2014)

Victimisation and psychosocial difficulties associated with sexual orientation concerns: a school-based study of adolescents. (Cotter P, Corcoran P, McCarthy J, O'Suilleabháin F, Carli V, Hoven C, Wasserman C, Sarchiapone M, Wasserman D, Keeley H. 2014)

EPA guidance on building trust in mental health services. (Gaebel W, Muijen M, Baumann AE, Bhugra D, Wasserman D, van der Gaag RJ, Heun R, Zielasek J; European Psychiatric Association. 2014)

School absenteeism in Germany: prevalence of excused and unexcused absenteeism and its correlation with emotional and behavioural problems. (Lenzen C1, Fischer G, Jentzsch A, Kaess M, Parzer P, Carli V, Wasserman D, Resch F, Brunner R. 2014)

Tropomyosin-related kinase B receptor polymorphisms and isoforms expression in suicide victims. (Zarrilli F, Amato F, Castaldo G, Tomaiuolo R, Keller S, Florio E, Chiariotti L, Carli V, Stuppia L, Sarchiapone M. 2014)

The interactive effect of MAOA-LPR genotype and childhood physical neglect on aggressive behaviors in Italian male prisoners. (Gorodetsky E, Bevilacqua L, Carli V, Sarchiapone M, Roy A, Goldman D, Enoch MA. 2014)

Comparisons of prisoners who make or do not make suicide attempts and further who make one or multiple attempts. (Roy A, Carli V, Sarchiapone M, Branchey M. 2014)

Suicide-Bereaved Siblings' Perception of Health Services. (Pettersen R, Omerov P, Steineck G, Dyregrov A, Titelman D, Dyregrov K, Nyberg U. 2014)

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