Love is the best high: a course in preventive health care

A training to prevent mental ill health based on the movie "Love is the best high".

Target groups

Staff at secondary and upper secondary schools, at youth centers and regional youth centers and others who conduct organized activities for young people.

The training is done in Swedish. 

Course objectives

The main purpose of the course is to prevent and detect early mental illness, bullying and suicide among students and to teach them how to deal with crises, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts and thereby increase their self-esteem.

The course will further contribute to:

  • Provide knowledge of medical, psychosomatic and psychological symptoms
  • Provide information on various factors that underlie young people's suicidal thoughts, suicidal behaviors and attempts
  • Provide information about the characteristics of depression among adolescents
  • Provide information on different treatment methods and how staff support, teacher support and peer support can be built up
  • To prepare educational activities among parents and pupils in the above areas based on the film


  • Statistical description of how the situation looks for young people in Sweden compared to international data.
  • Recognition of depression in children and adolescents.
  • How stress, bullying, identity affect young people's mental health.
  • Young people's suicidal thoughts, suicidal acts and suicide attempts based on different vulnerability models, as well as suicide risks in young people.
  • What the school and / or other staff groups can do after a suicide attempt as well as preventative measures in the form of various action plans.


The training covers 1½ day. The starting point is the movie "Love is the best high". The content of the course will be communicated through lectures and group discussions. The teaching is problem-based and is based on the participants' own experiences of teenagers and their mental illness. In order to best utilize the content and also have the opportunity to work with the teaching materials within their own activities, it is recommended that at least two people from the same workplace participate in the training. We also recommend that someone responsible for education at the school participate to make it easier for them to be incorporated into the various programs.

The opportunity to take advantage of the education and apply the experience within the own activities increases if the participants take part in the recommended literature (listed under "Literature").


The course costs 3800 SEK excluding VAT/participants. If you want to buy the film after completing the course, it costs 200 SEK.


Day 1: 9 am - 5 pm

  • Presentation of the course 
  • Statistical information - theories - vulnerability - causes of suicide and suicidal behavior
  • Film screening and follow-up of the film
  • Pedagogical action programs for preventive purposes - staff support, teacher support and peer support

Day 2: 9 am - 1 pm

  • Suicide from a relative's perspective (film)
  • Depression and medical treatment for depression
  • Additional information


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Training opportunity 2022

No date announced for 2022.

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Britta Alin-Åkerman

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