COVID-19: Resources for the general population

The COVID-19 pandemic is unsettling: it brings about uncertainty and forces change upon us. Therefore, evidence-based resources are being put together to help everyone manage possible negative mental health effects (such as stress and anxiety) as well as to strengthen psychosocial wellbeing. The National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Ill-Health (NASP) has collected freely accessible resources for those who want to improve their wellbeing and for those who feel stressed or

For those who want to improve their wellbeing

This article provides important self-care strategies to take care of your mind and body. (Mayo Clinic)

This article gives you 8 pieces of advice to help you maintain control over your life. (Mental Health Europe)

This article provides comprehensive step by step examples about how you can build your resilience to adverse events (like the COVID-19 crisis). (MIND UK)

This article delivers practical strategies to improve your sleep. (Black Dog Institute)

This guide offers practical support and plans to improve your mental health and help you strengthen your wellbeing. Whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes, you can download and/or print some practical documents about how to support yourself and your loved ones. (4 Mental Health)

Another way to improve your wellbeing can be Mindfulness (self-awareness training). This document gives you tips and techniques to learn how to practice Mindfulness. (Black Dog Institute)

For those who feel stressed or anxious

This illustrated and accessible document gives useful advice about how to cope with stress during the outbreak of the coronavirus. (WHO)

This article provides targeted advice about how to cope with stress. It covers advice for yourself, for children, for people at higher risk for serious illness as well as practical advice to help the most vulnerable people. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

This article explores the different impacts of the covid-19 crisis on anxiety and offers 9 pieces of advice about how to build up resilience and increase your wellbeing. (Mayo Clinic)

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