Presenting selected publications from Lars- Gunnar Larsson's group.

MYCN Amplification Is Associated with Reduced Expression of Genes Encoding γ-Secretase Complex and NOTCH Signaling Components in Neuroblastoma.
Agarwal P, Glowacka A, Mahmoud L, Bazzar W, Larsson LG, Alzrigat M
Int J Mol Sci 2023 May;24(9):

A MYC-controlled redox switch protects B lymphoma cells from EGR1-dependent apoptosis.
Yao H, Chen X, Wang T, Kashif M, Qiao X, Tüksammel E, Larsson LG, Okret S, Sayin VI, Qian H, Bergo MO
Cell Rep 2023 Aug;42(8):112961

MYCMI-7: A Small MYC-Binding Compound that Inhibits MYC: MAX Interaction and Tumor Growth in a MYC-Dependent Manner.
Castell A, Yan Q, Fawkner K, Bazzar W, Zhang F, Wickström M, Alzrigat M, Franco M, Krona C, Cameron DP, Dyberg C, Olsen TK, Verschut V, Schmidt L, Lim SY, Mahmoud L, Hydbring P, Lehmann S, Baranello L, Nelander S, Johnsen JI, Larsson LG
Cancer Res Commun 2022 Mar;2(3):182-201

MYC Inhibition Halts Metastatic Breast Cancer Progression by Blocking Growth, Invasion, and Seeding.
Massó-Vallés D, Beaulieu ME, Jauset T, Giuntini F, Zacarías-Fluck MF, Foradada L, Martínez-Martín S, Serrano E, Martín-Fernández G, Casacuberta-Serra S, Castillo Cano V, Kaur J, López-Estévez S, Morcillo MÁ, Alzrigat M, Mahmoud L, Luque-García A, Escorihuela M, Guzman M, Arribas J, Serra V, Larsson LG, Whitfield JR, Soucek L
Cancer Res Commun 2022 Feb;2(2):110-130

HIF-1 stabilization in T cells hampers the control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
Liu R, Muliadi V, Mou W, Li H, Yuan J, Holmberg J, Chambers BJ, Ullah N, Wurth J, Alzrigat M, Schlisio S, Carow B, Larsson LG, Rottenberg ME
Nat Commun 2022 Sep;13(1):5093

Methods to Study Myc-Regulated Cellular Senescence: An Update.
Zhang F, Bazzar W, Alzrigat M, Larsson LG
Methods Mol Biol 2021 ;2318():241-254

The novel low molecular weight MYC antagonist MYCMI-6 inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells. AlSultan D, Kavanagh E, O'Grady S, Eustace AJ, Castell A, Larsson LG, Crown J, Madden SF, Duffy MJ Invest New Drugs 2021 04;39(2):587-594

Pharmacological inactivation of CDK2 inhibits MYC/BCL-XL-driven leukemia in vivo through induction of cellular senescence. Bazzar W, Bocci M, Hejll E, Högqvist Tabor V, Hydbring P, Grandien A, Alzrigat M, Larsson LG Cell Cycle 2021 01;20(1):23-38

PTEN and DNA-PK determine sensitivity and recovery in response to WEE1 inhibition in human breast cancer. Brunner A, Suryo Rahmanto A, Johansson H, Franco M, Viiliäinen J, Gazi M, Frings O, Fredlund E, Spruck C, Lehtiö J, Rantala JK, Larsson LG, Sangfelt O Elife 2020 07;9():

A selective high affinity MYC-binding compound inhibits MYC:MAX interaction and MYC-dependent tumor cell proliferation. Castell A, Yan Q, Fawkner K, Hydbring P, Zhang F, Verschut V, Franco M, Zakaria SM, Bazzar W, Goodwin J, Zinzalla G, Larsson LG Sci Rep 2018 07;8(1):10064

MYC Modulation around the CDK2/p27/SKP2 Axis.
Hydbring P, Castell A, Larsson LG
Genes (Basel) 2017 Jun;8(7):

Interferon-γ-induced p27KIP1 binds to and targets MYC for proteasome-mediated degradation.
Bahram F, Hydbring P, Tronnersjö S, Zakaria SM, Frings O, Fahlén S, et al
Oncotarget 2016 Jan;7(3):2837-54

Targeting MYC Translation in Colorectal Cancer.
Castell A, Larsson LG
Cancer Discov 2015 Jul;5(7):701-3

MYC synergizes with activated BRAFV600E in mouse lung tumor development by suppressing senescence.
Tabor V, Bocci M, Alikhani N, Kuiper R, Larsson LG
Cancer Res. 2014 Aug;74(16):4222-9

CDK-mediated activation of the SCF(FBXO) (28) ubiquitin ligase promotes MYC-driven transcription and tumourigenesis and predicts poor survival in breast cancer.
Cepeda D, Ng HF, Sharifi HR, Mahmoudi S, Cerrato VS, Fredlund E, Magnusson K, Nilsson H, Malyukova A, Rantala J, Klevebring D, Viñals F, Bhaskaran N, Zakaria SM, Rahmanto AS, Grotegut S, Nielsen ML, Szigyarto CA, Sun D, Lerner M, Navani S, Widschwendter M, Uhlén M, Jirström K, Pontén F, Wohlschlegel J, Grandér D, Spruck C, Larsson LG, Sangfelt O
EMBO Mol Med 2013 Jul;5(7):1067-86

The c-MYC oncoprotein, the NAMPT enzyme, the SIRT1-inhibitor DBC1, and the SIRT1 deacetylase form a positive feedback loop.
Menssen A, Hydbring P, Kapelle K, Vervoorts J, Diebold J, Lüscher B, et al
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2012 Jan;109(4):E187-96

Oncogene- and tumor suppressor gene-mediated suppression of cellular senescence.
Larsson LG
Semin. Cancer Biol. 2011 Dec;21(6):367-76

Tipping the balance: Cdk2 enables Myc to suppress senescence.
Hydbring P, Larsson LG
Cancer Res. 2010 Sep;70(17):6687-91

The Yin and Yang functions of the Myc oncoprotein in cancer development and as targets for therapy.
Larsson LG, Henriksson MA
Exp. Cell Res. 2010 May;316(8):1429-37

Cdk2 suppresses cellular senescence induced by the c-myc oncogene.
Campaner S, Doni M, Hydbring P, Verrecchia A, Bianchi L, Sardella D, et al
Nat. Cell Biol. 2010 Jan;12(1):54-9; sup pp 1-14

Phosphorylation by Cdk2 is required for Myc to repress Ras-induced senescence in cotransformation.
Hydbring P, Bahram F, Su Y, Tronnersjö S, Högstrand K, von der Lehr N, et al
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2010 Jan;107(1):58-63

Direct observation of individual endogenous protein complexes in situ by proximity ligation.
Söderberg O, Gullberg M, Jarvius M, Ridderstråle K, Leuchowius KJ, Jarvius J, et al
Nat. Methods 2006 Dec;3(12):995-1000

c-Myc associates with ribosomal DNA and activates RNA polymerase I transcription.
Arabi A, Wu S, Ridderstråle K, Bierhoff H, Shiue C, Fatyol K, et al
Nat. Cell Biol. 2005 Mar;7(3):303-10

The F-box protein Skp2 participates in c-Myc proteosomal degradation and acts as a cofactor for c-Myc-regulated transcription.
von der Lehr N, Johansson S, Wu S, Bahram F, Castell A, Cetinkaya C, et al
Mol. Cell 2003 May;11(5):1189-200

c-Myc hot spot mutations in lymphomas result in inefficient ubiquitination and decreased proteasome-mediated turnover.
Bahram F, von der Lehr N, Cetinkaya C, Larsson LG
Blood 2000 Mar;95(6):2104-10


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