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Selected publications from the research group.


Chemotherapy as a regulator of extracellular matrix-cell communication: Implications in therapy resistance
Gonzalez-molina J, Moyano-galceran L, Single A, Gultekin O, Alsalhi S, Lehti K
Seminars in cancer biology 2022

 Molecular, cellular and systemic aspects of epithelial ovarian cancer and its tumor microenvironment
Schoutrop E, Moyano-galceran L, Lheureux S, Mattsson J, Lehti K, Dahlstrand H, Magalhaes I
Seminars in cancer biology 2022

Co-evolution of matrisome and adaptive adhesion dynamics drives ovarian cancer chemoresistance
Pietilä Ea, Gonzalez-molina J, Moyano-galceran L, Jamalzadeh S, Zhang K, Lehtinen L, Turunen Sp, Martins Ta, Gultekin O, Lamminen T, Kaipio K, Joneborg U, Hynninen J, Hietanen S, Grénman S, Lehtonen R, Hautaniemi S, Carpén O, Carlson Jw, Lehti K
Nature communications 2021

Aggressive and recurrent ovarian cancers upregulate ephrinA5, a non-canonical effector of EphA2 signaling duality
Jukonen J, Moyano-galceran L, Höpfner K, Pietilä Ea, Lehtinen L, Huhtinen K, Gucciardo E, Hynninen J, Hietanen S, Grénman S, Ojala Pm, Carpén O, Lehti K
Scientific reports 2021

FOXP3+ T cells in uterine sarcomas are associated with favorable prognosis, low extracellular matrix expression and reduced YAP activation
Gultekin O, Gonzalez-molina J, Hardell E, Moyano-galceran L, Mitsios N, Mulder J, Kokaraki G, Isaksson A, Sarhan D, Lehti K, Carlson Jw
NPJ Precision Oncology 2021

Mesothelin-Specific CAR T Cells Target Ovarian Cancer
Schoutrop E, El-serafi I, Poiret T, Zhao Y, Gultekin O, He R, Moyano-galceran L, Carlson Jw, Lehti K, Hassan M, Magalhaes I, Mattsson J
Cancer research 2021

Adaptive RSK-EphA2-GPRC5A signaling switch triggers chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer
Moyano-galceran L, Pietila Ea, Turunen Sp, Corvigno S, Hjerpe E, Bulanova D, Joneborg U, Alkasalias T, Miki Y, Yashiro M, Chernenko A, Jukonen J, Singh M, Dahlstrand H, Carlson Jw, Lehti K

Crosstalk Between Cancer Associated Fibroblasts and Cancer Cells in Scirrhous Type Gastric Cancer
Miki Y, Yashiro M, Moyano-galceran L, Sugimoto A, Ohira M, Lehti K
Frontiers in oncology 2020

An Ex Vivo Tissue Culture Model for Fibrovascular Complications in Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
Gucciardo E, Loukovaara S, Korhonen A, Lehti K
Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE 2019

MMP14 in Sarcoma: A Regulator of Tumor Microenvironment Communication in Connective Tissues
Gonzalez-molina J, Gramolelli S, Liao Zh, Carlson Jw, Ojala Pm, Lehti K
Cells 2019

Fibroblasts in the Tumor Microenvironment: Shield or Spear?
Alkasalias T, Moyano-galceran L, Arsenian-henriksson M, Lehti K
International journal of molecular sciences 2018

The microenvironment of proliferative diabetic retinopathy supports lymphatic neovascularization
Gucciardo E, Loukovaara S, Korhonen A, Repo P, Martins B, Vihinen H, Jokitalo E, Lehti K
The Journal of pathology 2018

Membrane-type matrix metalloproteases as diverse effectors of cancer progression
Turunen Sp, Tatti-bugaeva O, Lehti K
Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular cell research 2017

MMP16 Mediates a Proteolytic Switch to Promote Cell-Cell Adhesion, Collagen Alignment, and Lymphatic Invasion in Melanoma
Tatti O, Gucciardo E, Pekkonen P, Holopainen T, Louhimo R, Repo P, Maliniemi P, Lohi J, Rantanen V, Hautaniemi S, Alitalo K, Ranki A, Ojala Pm, Keski-oja J, Lehti K
Cancer research 2015

Actin-associated protein palladin promotes tumor cell invasion by linking extracellular matrix degradation to cell cytoskeleton
Von Nandelstadh P, Gucciardo E, Lohi J, Li R, Sugiyama N, Carpen O, Lehti K
Molecular biology of the cell 2014

EphA2 cleavage by MT1-MMP triggers single cancer cell invasion via homotypic cell repulsion
Sugiyama N, Gucciardo E, Tatti O, Varjosalo M, Hyytiäinen M, Gstaiger M, Lehti K
The Journal of cell biology 2013

FGF receptor-4 (FGFR4) polymorphism acts as an activity switch of a membrane type 1 matrix metalloproteinase-FGFR4 complex
Sugiyama N, Varjosalo M, Meller P, Lohi J, Chan Km, Zhou Zj, Alitalo K, Taipale J, Keski-oja J, Lehti K
Proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the United States of America 2010

Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 4 Regulates Tumor Invasion by Coupling Fibroblast Growth Factor Signaling to Extracellular Matrix Degradation
Sugiyama N, Varjosalo M, Meller P, Lohi J, Hyytiainen M, Kilpinen S, Kallioniemi O, Ingvarsen S, Engelholm Lh, Taipale J, Alitalo K, Keski-oja J, Lehti K
Cancer research 2010


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