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Master Theses

Master Thesis 2016

95) Jeremias Nhancupe, Noémia, Immunoreactive proteins in Taenia solium/Cysticercus cellulosae. Huvudhandl: Johan Lindh, bihandl: Emilia Noormahomed, Kerstin Falk, Staffan Svärd, pp 1-36, Stockholm, 5 april 2016.

Master Thesis 2015

94) Petkov, Stefan, In vivo bioluminescence imaging in preclinical trials of genetic vaccines. Huvudhandl: Maria Isaguliants, bihandl: Britta Wahren, Sergey Belikov, pp 1-40, Stockholm, 12 juni 2015.

Master Thesis 2014

93) Alvarez-Corrales, Nancy Montserrat, Immune responses against Mycobacterium tuberculosis targets associated to latent and active tuberculosis infection. Huvudhandl: Markus Maeurer, bihandl: Sven Hoffner, Lelany Pineda-García, Raija Ahmed, pp 1-34 , Stockholm, 23 september 2014.

Master Thesis 2013

92) Moiane, Belisário, Evalutation of the Rift Valley fever vaccination programme in Mozambican cattle. Huvudhandl: Kerstin Falk, bihandl: Åke Lundkvist, Luis Neves, pp 1-29, Stockholm 21 oktober 2013.

91) Parham, Leda
Antiretroviral Drug Resistant HIV-1 in Women and Children Living in Honduras. Huvudhandl: Annica Karlsson, bihandl: Jan Albert, Ivette Lorenzana de Rivera, pp 1-38
Stockholm, 5 mars 2013

Master Thesis 2011

90) Sofia Omar Viegas
Molecular Characterization of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Isolates in Mozambique. (Huvudhandl: Tuija Koivula, bihandl Gunilla Källenius), pp 1-28
Stockholm 17 juni, 2011

Master Thesis 2010

89) David Hallengärd
Improving the Immunogenecity of HIV-1 DNA Vaccines. Huvudhandl: Britta Wahren. Bihandl: Staffan Paulie, Andreas Bråve, Margaret Liu
Stockholm 26 Feb 2010

88) Geremew Tasew Guma
The Contribution of Epidermal Apotosis to the Clinical Outcome of Leishmania aethiopica Induced Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and its Laboratory Diagnosis Using Low Cost Culture Media. Huvudhandl: Hanna Akuffo. Bihandl: Liv Eidsmo, Sven Britton, Dawit Wolday
Stockholm 16 March 2010

87) Solomon Ghebremichael
Molecular Characterization of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex Isolates from Sweden. Huvudhandl: Tuija Koivula. Bihandl: Gunilla Källenius
Stockholm 12 May 2010

86) Christopher Sundling
Dissection of HIV-1 Env-specific B Cell Responses in Non-human Primates. Huvudhandl: Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam. Bihandl: Iyadh Douagi, Richard Wyatt
Stockholm 18 May 2010

Master Theses 2009

85) Pettersson Ramona
Molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis.
Huvudhandl: Tuija Koivula, bihandl: Gunilla Källenius, Victoria Romanus, pp 1-25, Stockholm 28 maj 2009.

Master Theses 2008

83) Nowroozalizadeh, Salma
Studies of innate immune stimulation with CpG in HIV infection. Huvudhandl: Marianne Jansson, bihandl: Ali M Harandi
pp 1-33, Stockholm 22 oktober 2008.

84) Lindegren, Gunnel
Optimisation of Dengue diagnostic tools in order to increase the knowledge of the pathogenesis. Huvudhandl: Kerstin I Falk, bihandl: Åke Lundkvist
pp 1-32, Stockholm 24 oktober 2008.

Master Theses 2007

82) Zabarovska, Veronika I
Analysis of complex biological systems using genome scanning approaches.
Huvudhandl: Georg Klein, bihandl: Eugene Zabarovsky, pp 1-33, Stockholm 15 november 2007.

Master Theses 2006

75) Hidmark, Åsa
Induction of type 1 interferons and viral immunity. Handl: Gunilla Karlsson och Peter Liljeström
pp 1-40, Stockholm 27 januari 2006

76) Johansson, Susanne
Immunotherapy in cancer and HIV. Handl: Britta Wahren
pp 1-75, Stockholm 21 februari 2006.

77) Tallo, Tatjana
Molecular epidemiology of hepatitis A, B and C in Estonia. Huvudhandl: Lars Magnius, bihandl: Helene Norder och Ljudmilla Priimägi
pp 1-67, Stockholm 21 april 2006.

78) Thors, Cecilia
Serodiagnostics of schistosomiasis using keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLM) as antigen. Huvudhandl: Ewert Linder, bihandl: Antonio Barragan
pp 1-46, Stockholm 11 maj 2006.

79) Hindersson, Mari
Coxsackie B virus pathogenesis in mice. Huvudhandl: Anders Örn, bihandl: Gun Frisk och Robert Adam Harris
pp 1-40, Stockholm 8 juni 2006

80) Trumstedt, Christian
The role of interferons in the resistance to infection with Chlamydia pneumoniae. Huvudhandl: Martin Rottenberg, bihandl: Hans Wigzell och Carmen Fernandez
pp 1-47, Stockholm 15 juni 2006

81) Dammeyer, Pascal
Molecular and cellular strategies to enhance efficacy of T cell-based cancer therapy. Huvudhandl: Elisabeth Wolpert, bihandl: Francesca Chiodi
pp 1-27, Stockholm 27 september 2006.

Master Theses 1994 to 2005