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KI-Novo Nordisk Workshop 2019

Date: Wednesday November 13th, 2019

Time: 10:30-16:50

Venue: Biomedicum Lecture Hall, Solnavägen 9, Karolinska Institutet


Attendance is free of charge and open for everyone, however registration is mandatory. Please email Arja Kants,, latest November 5th, and inform of any food restrictions.

Seminar Program

10:30-10:40   Juleen Zierath (Chair Steering Committee, KI)

Welcome remarks 


10:40-11:25  John Hawley (Australian Catholic University, Australia)

A time to eat, a time to fast: Time-restricted feeding to improve metabolic regulation.


11:30-12:00  Martin Ridderstråle (Corporate Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology & Translational Medicine, Novo Nordisk)   

Peptide hormone pills – oral semaglutide - who would have thought?


12:05-12:35  Martijn van de Bunt (Head of Bioinformatics & Data Mining, Global Research Technologies, Novo Nordisk)

From Oxford to Novo Nordisk – adventures in data science. 


             Lunch break, sandwiches served outside Lecture hall. Poster presentations by Fellows.


13:30-14:15  Peter Stenvinkel (CLINTEC, KI)

Biomimetics nature’s roadmap to insights and solutions for human health and disease.


14:20-14:50  Christian Broberger (Neuro, KI)

Anger management: Brain control of aggression in males and females.


14:55-15:15  Lucile Dollet (FYFA, KI)

Adipose tissue response to exercise in diabetic patientsa role for secreted proteins?       


              Break, coffee served outside lecture hall 


15:40-16:10  Michael Nyberg (Cardiovascular Specialist, Global Drug Discovery, Novo Nordisk)

Treating atherosclerotic plaque of tomorrow: Venturing beyond lipid lowering.


16:15-16:35  Alastair Kerr (MedS, KI)

Delineating the clinically relevant, functional long non-coding RNA in white adipocytes.   


16:40-16:50  Stephan Bouman (Fellowship Project Manager, Novo Nordisk) 

Closing remarks