Team Ingrid Lundberg

Myositis is a chronic rheumatic muscle inflammation that affects approximately 1 000 people in Sweden. It is characterized by progressive muscle weakness and muscle fatigue particularly affecting thigh, shoulder, and neck muscles. In the most severe forms problems with swallowing may occur. Other organs may also be affected by inflammation like the skin, lungs, and joints.

Team Myositis, PI Ingrid Lundberg

Research titel:

Why do myositis develop and what are the molecular mechanisms behind?

Research focus

Our research in myositis is focused on disease mechanisms that could explain why you develop myositis and why the muscles become weak and why the lung is often affected. This will be accomplished through longitudinal studies of patients with myositis and by combining clinical outcome measures and investigations of molecular expression in repeated muscle biopsies and in peripheral blood after different interventions, pharmacological and exercise and by basic research in muscle physiology. We also have an aim to understand immune specificities of myositis, why the muscle becomes a target of the immune reaction leading to muscle weakness and muscle damage. The link between muscle inflammation and other organs such as the lung, which is often affected in patients with myositis, is in focus of our research to find targets of the immune system that lead to myositis.

To accomplish our goals we combine clinical epidemiological research with molecular research on patient samples and using experimental systems with muscle cell cultures at Center for Molecular Medicine. We follow patients at Karolinska University Hospital in a systematic way. In addition we are part of a Swedish Myositis Network, SweMyoNet and of an international myositis network, MyoNet, where Ingrid E. Lundberg is PI and we contribute to the international myositis registry EuroMyositis, in which more than 3 500 patients with myositis have been enrolled. We are also part of an international collaboration, MYOGEN, on genetic and environmental risk factors for myositis.

Team members

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