Team Anton Gisterå

Our research team focuses on immune reactions in atherosclerosis. We investigate adaptive immune reactions against low-density lipoproteins, immune control of cholesterol metabolism, and cellular immunometabolism.

Team Gisterå is one of the teams within the research group Pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases

Immunology of atherosclerosis

Recent clinical trials have established the effectiveness of immunotherapy in atherosclerosis but more specific targeting of inflammatory risk is needed. Autoimmune reactions towards low-density lipoproteins (LDL) are prevalent in the immune inflammation that propagates the disease and could control disease manifestations.

Our research team studies these immune reactions in various model systems and has observed substantial effects on atherosclerosis development and lipoprotein metabolism. Moreover, metabolic adaptations crucially shape the immune cell responses. Understanding the molecular and dynamic interplay between vascular immune reactions and lipoproteins could ultimately inform therapeutic intervention for human disease. We aim to find new therapeutic targets as well as be able to stratify cardiovascular patients according to LDL autoimmune status and plaque characteristics to accurately adapt treatments and follow-up.

Research support

Our work is supported by grants from the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation, Karolinska Institutet Research Foundations, and Stiftelsen för Gamla Tjänarinnor.

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Anton Gisterå

Team leader, Assistant professor

Selected publications

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