KEP: Cancer Epidemiology

We aim to improve the understanding of determinants of risk and prognosis of cancer, with a special focus on malignant lymphomas and cancers arising after organ transplantation, as well as to characterize issues of cancer survivorship. The overall goal is to provide a better basis for primary prevention of cancer, prediction of risk and prognosis, and cancer rehabilitation.

Our research is based on linkages of large national health care registers enriched with clinical data from national cancer quality registers as well as a large bi-national case-control study of malignant lymphomas (the SCALE study). We collaborate with other research groups at KEP, other units at the Karolinska Institutet (CCK, MEB, IMM), researchers at other Swedish Universities (Uppsala, Lund), as well as internationally within the Nordic countries (the Nordic expert group on post-transplant malignancies) and within the InterLymph consortium.


Group members

Karin Ekström Smedby

Sandra Eloranta

Ingrid Glimelius

Sara Ekberg

Henrik Olsson

Fredrik Baecklund

Gabriella Frisk

Daniela Gordon

Åsa Hallqvist-Everhov

Lingjing Chen

Mohammad Mohammadi

Elsa Brånvall

Henrik Benoni

Andreas Pettersson

Renata Zelic