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Unit of Hematology

The mission of the Hematology unit is to join excellent clinical care and research in a translational environment. Within the unit, groups involved in basic, translational and clinical research work closely together.

One important aim is that the biology and therapeutic outcome of every patient should feed into future knowledge and better diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

The unit offers courses for graduate students, and a program for postgraduate education. We welcome talented students, clinicians as well as basic scientists, to apply for positions.

Research areas

The research focus is to improve understanding and treatment of hematologic disorders and to explore basic cellular, molecular and immunological mechanisms with relevance for hematopoiesis, cell therapy and tumor development.

The research program encompasses the range from clinical trials to basic tumor biology and cellular mechanisms, and is built on close collaboration between clinical and basic researchers.

Most research groups are located within the Center for Hematology and Regenerative Medicine (HERM), but some have their main activity outside this center.

Research groups

Group leader Research focus
Eva Kimby

Lymphoid malignancies of B-celltype

Per Ljungman

Viral infections in allogeneic stem cell transplant patients

Jan Palmblad

Neutropenia group
Björn Wahlin Research group 


Center for Hematology and Regenerative Medicine (HERM), is a new translational research center encompassing research groups involved in hematology, hemopoiesis, immunology and cell therapy.


Dina Ali, PhD student  
Evren Alici, Group Leader  
Aditya Ambati, PhD student  
Johan Aschan, Associated  
Sofia Bengtzén, Associated  
Andreas Björklund, PhD student  
Onima Chowdhury, Associated  
Simona Conte, PhD student  
Stefan Deneberg, Post doc  
Marios Dimitriou, Post doc  
Iyadh Douagi, Laboratory manager  
Evelyn Fischer, Associated  
Ann-Mari Forsblom, Biomedical scientist  
Kristina Friberg, Associated  
Gösta Gahrton, Professor and Senior physician  
Sridharan Ganesan, Student  
Valentina Giai, PhD student  
Mari Gilljam, Laboratory technologist  
Alf Grandien, Group Leader  
Michael Grövdal, Associated  
Hans Hägglund, Associated  
Eva Hellström Lindberg, Head of unit, Group Leader  
Loghman Henareh, Associated  
Petter Höglund, Professor, Group Leader  
Kari Högstrand, Research associate  
Monika Jansson, Leg. BMA  
Åsa Johansson, Associated  
Kerstin Jonsson, Associated  
Björn Jädersten, Associated  
Nadir Kadri, Research associate  
Eva Kimby, Group Leader  
Sören Lehmann, Group Leader  
Per Ljungman, Professor, Group Leader  
Maciej Machaczka, Associated  
Mats Merup, Associated  
Lars Möllgård, Associated  
Hareth Nahi, Group Leader  
Stefan Norin, Associated  
Jan Palmblad, Group Leader  
Christer Paul, Associated  
Esbjörn Paul, Research scientist  
Lena Pérez-Bercoff, PhD student  
Hong Qian, Group Leader  
Ying Qu, PhD student  
Leonie Saft, PhD student  
Christian Scharenberg, PhD student  
Birgitta Stellan, Research analyst  
Tolga Sutlu, PhD student  
Daniel Tesfa, PhD student  
Kerstin Tideström, PhD student  
Magnus Tobiasson, PhD student  
Johanna Ungerstedt, Group Leader  
Katarina Uttervall, PhD student  
Björn Wahlin, Research scientist  
Julian Walfridsson, Group Leader  
Ann Wallblom, Leg. BMA  
Inger Vedin, Leg. BMA  
Eva Zetterberg, Research scientist  


Head of unit

Professor/senior physician

Eva Hellström Lindberg

Phone: +46-(0)8-585 825 06
Organizational unit: Unit for Hematology