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Team Register studies

My research is based on data from InfCareHIV. The data base is used when we study new HIV drugs and evaluate treatment outcomes, side effects and life quality over time. We also couple InfCareHIV to other registers. I have recently finished a study where InfCareHIV was connected to Statistics Sweden, Cause of Death and Cancer Registers.

We found that mortality of well treated Persons with HIV (PWH) was 3 times that of a group without HIV, matched for age, gender and origin. Previous results indicating survival of PWH similar to that of uninfected appears to be valid only for those who have commenced treatment before deterioration of immune status. In another study we coupled InfCareHIV to the National registry for prevention of cervical cancer and found a significantly increased risk for CIN2+ in migrants, particularly those from South East Asia but also sub-Saharan Africa. We proceed with an updated cohort for analysis of all HPV related cancer in PWH.

I have recently become a member of the Euro Sida regulatory board and from this platform I will try to encourage our European colleagues to participate in and expand on our Swedish HIV-HPV study.

InfCareHIV also contains patient reported data which can be entered into the data base directly from the patient’s home computer. Patient reported compliance to antiretroviral treatment shows excellent concordance with viral load (HIV-RNA). These data have proved useful also in experimental HIV research. An example is in a study by Sönneborgs/Neogi experimental group that showed lower affinity for protease inhibitors in HIV subtype B. This was also clinically significant and using patient reported data we could ascertain that this was not due to low compliance. Using patient reported data we can follow the health related quality of life of the patient group over time.

Research Team Leader

Veronica Svedhem Johansson

Senior researcher MD, PhD
Infectious Diseases, Karolinska University Hospital
Director of InfCareHIV and InfCareHepatit

Team members

Eva-Lena Fredriksson: Superadm. InfCareHIV Dep. of Infectious Diseases, Karolinska University Hospital. Research nurse and databasemanager for InfCare HIV national quality assurrance registry. Been working with InfCare HIV since 2006.

Pernilla Albinsson: Nurse, Steering committee Dep of Infectious Diseases, Karolinska University Hospital. Nurse involved in quality of life studies.

Erika Spångberg: Nurse, Dept. of Infectious Diseases, Karolinska University Hospital. Quality assurrance research on antiretroviral therapy of people who inject drugs.

Åsa Mellgren: MD, PhD Clinic of Infectious Diseases, South Älvsborg Hospital, Borås. Senior consultant in infectious diseases and team leader for HIV care. PhD at University of Gothenburg, 2006, On HIV-1 infection in the central nervous system.

Lars E Eriksson: Associate professor. I obtained my UC in Nursing from University College of Health Sciences in Stockholm, in 1985 and worked clinically > than 10 years as research nurse. As a Research Coordinator I coordinated several phase II and III clinical trials in the fields of anti-retroviral therapy and therapeutic HIV vaccines. Doing translational research within the HIV field, I completed an MSc in Chemistry at Stockholm University in 2001 and a PhD in Nursing at KI in 2003. At present, I am associate Professor in Care Sciences and holds a position as Senior Lecturer in Nursing at KI where I am joint lead of the Innovative Care research group focusing on interdiciplinary health care science research and on improving its translation into practice by linking research, education and practice. Since 2013, I am also holding a part-time position as Reader in Nursing at the School of Health Sciences at City, University of London, United Kingdom.

Christina Carlander: I am a Specialist of Infectious Diseases since 2009, subspecialized in HIV and Hepatitis C. I am currently working as a Senior Consultant at the Department of Infectious Diseases, Västmanland County Hospital Västerås. I joined Sönnerborg HIV research group, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet Huddinge in 2012 and registered as PhD-student in 2014. My PhD-project focuses on register-based epidemiology regarding HPV-related cancer-development in women living with HIV.

Gaetano Marrone: Statistician, Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, Solna.

I am the Principal Investigator of a registry based project regarding incidence and risk factors of cardiovascular diseases amongst people living with HIV in Sweden. This project is based on the Swedish national InfCare HIV registry, which is connected with other relevant Swedish population registries e.g. the SwedeHeart registry. Within prof Sönnerborgs research group and in associate professor Veronica Svedhems research team, I am also involved in other on-going HIV collaborative projects in Sweden, e.g. i) patients´ treatment satisfaction with health and care, ii) incidence of HPV induced cancer in HIV infected patients in Sweden; iii) assigning probable country of HIV acquisition among adults born abroad based on a CD4 T-cell trajectory model. In the Ethiopian studies, I am involved in two projects: i) Developing & evaluating a predictive model from routinely used immunological, hematological, & clinical parameters to be used as a screening tool for antiretroviral treatent (ART) failure; ii) Molecular evolution of HIV-1 subtype C and its impact in therapeutic response.

Being a biostatistican by training, I focus mainly on the research methodology part (study design, sampling methods, sample size calculation, statistical analysis, scientific writing and manuscript revisions). Since 2009 I am the course leader for the Research Methodology course, Master in Global Health, and since 2012 also lecturer for KI’s Master in Public Health track Epidemiology.