Staff CIM

Muhammad AfzalPostdoc
Mily AkhirunnesaPhD student
Lena BerglinPostdoc
Jonna BisterPreparatory research student
Andreas BjörklundAssociated
Caroline BoulouisEmployee, PhD student
Susanna BrighentiSenior researcher
Puran ChenPhD student
Isabel Diaz LozanoAssociated
Margit EkströmAdministrator
Johanna EmgårdEmployee, PhD student
Elza EvrenPhD student
Malin Flodström TullbergProfessor
Jean-Baptiste GorinPostdoc
Sara Gredmark RussAssociated
Alvaro Haroun-IzquierdoPhD student
Elisabeth HenrikssonBiomedical scientist
Laura HertwigPostdoc
Kerri Guth LalPhD student
Karl-Johan MalmbergVisiting professor
Magdalena MazurPostdoc
Jenny MjösbergAssistant professor
Anna Norrby-TeglundProfessor
Lena RadlerBiomedical scientist
Anna RaoPostdoc
Johan SandbergProfessor
Nikolai SiemensAssociated
Michal Jacek SobkowiakPhD student, Graduate Student
Otto StraussPostdoc
Carl Johan TreutigerAssociated
Janne TynellAssociated
Renata UtorovaGraduate Student
Tim WillingerSenior researcher
Christine ZimmerPhD student

Safety officers (skyddsombud)

Safety officer

Anette Hofmann

Phone: +46-(0)8-585 81363

Safety officer

Elisabeth Henriksson

Phone: +46-(0)8 585 813 63

Important information regarding safety is found at KI´s internal website, see:

Please note that in case of accidents, the supervisor is required to report the accident using the appropriate report form:

This form should also be signed by the safety officer. Note that in the event of a severe accident, the report needs to be done on the same day and the head of the unit informed!


Research at CIM involves work with different microorganisms, cell cultures and blood handling, all of which entail biosafety issues and their associated legislation and requirements (i.e. reporting of use of biological agents, GMM reporting, risk assessments etc).

The Biosafety committee at CIM is available for advice on biosafety issues, such as how to report use of biologic agents and Genetically Modified Microorganisms (GMM).

Biosafety committee at CIM (main responsibility):


Alf Grandien

Phone: +46 (0)8-585 81363

BSL 3 work

Markus Moll


Biological agents

Niklas Björkström



Jakob Michaëlsson


Biosafety committee at KI

There is also a Biosafety committee at KI which provides counseling for questions relating to risk assessments, biological classifications, safety measures and routines/SOP for applications and reports relating to the area of biosecurity, including the contained use of genetically modified microorganisms (GMM), and that the activities within these areas conform to the current legislative laws. Information is found here.