Research group leaders MedH

The research groups at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge, consist of a group leader and scientists with expertise in a variety of areas within medical science. Some groups also have a team leader. Below you can find a list of our six departments and their research group leaders.

Gastroenterology and Rheumatology

Annika Bergquist: Annika Bergquist group

Ingiäld Hafström: Ingiäld Hafström group

Hannes Hagström: Hannes Hagström Group

Per Stål: Stål and Wahlin group

Greger Lindberg: – 

Heart and lung diseases

Barbro Dahlén: Phenotyping of asthma and other mast cell mediated disorders

Anna Freyschuss: Microcirkulation (in Swedish)

Mats Jensen-Urstad: Electrophysiology

Agneta Månsson-Broberg: Heartlab Novum

Infectious Diseases and Dermatology

Soo Aleman: Clinical and translational studies on viral hepatitis

Lennart Emtestam: Skin diseases

Piotr Nowak: Team Microbiota-Inflammation

Kristoffer Strålin: Sepsis and Covid-19

Anders Sönnerborg: HIV-1 and hepatitis

Katarina Westling: Infective endocarditis