Selected publications - the IMPACT research group

Below are some selected publications by the IMPACT research group.

Mobile-based intervention intended to stop obesity in preschool-aged children: the MINISTOP randomized controlled trial.
Nyström CD, Sandin S, Henriksson P, Henriksson H, Trolle-Lagerros Y, Larsson C, et al
Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 2017 06;105(6):1327-1335

Fitness and Body Mass Index During Adolescence and Disability Later in Life: A Cohort Study.
Henriksson P, Henriksson H, Tynelius P, Berglind D, Löf M, Lee IM, et al
Ann. Intern. Med. 2019 02;170(4):230-239

Predicting Real-Life Eating Behaviours Using Single School Lunches in Adolescents.
Langlet B, Fagerberg P, Delopoulos A, Papapanagiotou V, Diou C, Maramis C, et al
Nutrients 2019 Mar;11(3):

Ultra-processed food advertisements dominate the food advertising landscape in two Stockholm areas with low vs high socioeconomic status. Is it time for regulatory action?
Fagerberg P, Langlet B, Oravsky A, Sandborg J, Löf M, Ioakimidis I
BMC Public Health 2019 Dec;19(1):1717

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