Looking for a MSc project, postdoc or PhD at BioNut?

Are you looking for a project possibility, a postdoc or PhD position or maybe an internship? The following research groups at the BioNut Unit might have something for you, depending on what you are looking for, who you are, and what background you have.

Please have a look at the research group's website to find out more about the groups and the research they do. There you might also find out more about what kind of positions or projects they might have available at the moment. Links to the websites can be found below.


Maria Eriksson - Genetic mechanisms of ageing

Cancer - basic mechanisms

Martin Bergö - Cancer, rapid ageing and nutrition

Cancer biology

Staffan Strömblad - Cell Biology of Cancer


Andreas Lennartsson - Epigenetic regulation of leukemia and normal blood development

Eckardt Treuter - Epigenetic mechanisms underlying metabolic-inflammatory diseases

Medical protein biochemistry

Janne Johansson - Laboratory for protein misfolding and assembly

Virus-host interactions

Peter Svensson - Mechanisms behind HIV-1 latency and rebound