Peter Arner group- Lipid Laboratory

The group focuses on the regulation of the turnover of human fat cells and their lipid content, in particular how inflammatory factors within adipose tissue regulate the size and number of the fat cells.

About our research

The research group investigates novel aspects on human fat cell function and long-term longitudinal studies of the role of fat cell metabolism for body weight changes and associated clinical phenotypes. Peter Arner was the previous head for Lipid Laboratory for about 40 years when the laboratory predominantly focused on different aspects of normal and pathological human adipose tissue.

Group leader

Peter Arner

Professor Emeritus
H7 Department of Medicine, Huddinge


Within Lipid Laboratory we collaborate closely with all PI groups.

Outside of the laboratory we collaborate with:

  • Professor Thorkild Sörenseen University of Copenhagen (longitudinal studies)
  • PhD Carsten Mim, KTH (long noncoding RNA 3D structure)
  • Professor Dominigue Langin, MetaDiab – Pathophysiology of Metabolic Disorders and Diabesity (fat cell studies)
  • PhD Rona Strawbridge, Glasgow University (genetic studies)
  • FANTOM 6 consortium (long noncoding RNA)


  • Molecular understanding of long noncoding RNA in human fat cells
  • Longitudinal studies of the role of fat cell function for body weight increase and associated comorbidities ( With Daniel Andersson)
  • Longitudinal studies of the role of lipid  mobilization from fat cells (lipolysis) for weight loss and weight regain following bariatric surgery for obesity (with Daniel Andersson)

Research support

Research funding bodies that support the research in Peter Arner's lab:

  • Swedish Research Council
  • Karolinska Institutet
  • Novo Nordisk Foundation


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