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Mats Eriksson group

Lipid metabolism

Mats Eriksson focus on describing the mechanisms of hereditary dyslipidemia, especially on the disease called familiar hypercholesterolemia.

His research group is implementing the latest advances in genetic diagnosis in order to understand more about the background and possible therapeutic options. It is important to early identify patients to treat and prevent complications.

Together with Professor Paolo Parini at the Department of Laboratory Medicine, KI, Mats Eriksson also conducts research on an enzyme called ACAT 2, which is important for the so-called esterification of cholesterol. The research group collects blood, liver tissue and intestinal tissue from humans to be able to analyze the various steps in blood fat metabolism. In parallel, the group operates cell studies.

Mats Eriksson is also a principal investigator of several trials in which new biological drugs are tested on well-defined patients.

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Mats Eriksson

Enhet: Enheten för metabolism