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Karin Lindahl and Robert Schvarcz group

Clinical and pharmacological research on viral hepatitis

Our research is focused on antiviral therapy for hepatitis C; observational studies, experimental research and clinical trials. Our main interest lies in therapeutic drug monitoring of ribavirin but we also conduct epidemiological studies on liver fibrosis and hepatocellular cancer.

Our research partners are, among others, the Divisions of Clinical Pharmacology and Virology in the Department of Laboratory Medicine, the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, the Department of Women´s and Children´s Health at KI, and the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Linköping University.

Keywords: TDM, viral hepatitis C, pharmaokinetics, anemia, ribavirin, hepatocellular carcinoma


Karin Lindahl, Group Leader
Robert Schvarcz, Group Leader


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